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How to Draw a Bulldozer | a Step-by-Step Guide

This tutorial is a fantastic way to brush up on some drawing skills while adding a dazzling new drawing to your collection of art. The best part? You only need about half an hour and standard drawing tools to get the job done!

First, let’s determine what a bulldozer is. Bulldozers are powerful machines used in engineering pursuits to push large amounts of soil, rock, debris and even snow across level ground.

It would be easy to mistake a bulldozer for an excavator, yet they bear a stark difference in their frontal features and function, seeing as excavators possess a bucket and bulldozers feature a large blade at the front.

What You Will Need

  • A4 sheet of paper
  • Pencils (HB, 2h and 3b)
  • An eraser
  • A ruler
  • Mathematical drawing compass (optional)
  • Coloring Supplies
  • 25-30 minutes
Complete Process

How To Draw A Bulldozer

This may seem like a challenging task because of all the varying components you need to draw, but in this tutorial we’ll provide you with straight-forward steps and tips to complete a beautiful depiction of a bulldozer!

First, make sure you have all of your drawing tools on hand, and study the outline provided below for some insight on what you will be doing. Once you are ready, dive right in!

Step-by-step Process on How to Draw a Bulldozer
Outline of all the steps

Step 1: Draw the engine

The first thing you will need to do is flip your drawing paper in a landscape orientation. Since this bulldozer is captured from a side angle, a landscape orientation will provide you with more room to highten each detail.

Then, draw a large square on the middle of your page for the bulldozer’s engine. Erase both the upper line and right-side line, and replace them both with diagonal lines.

You want this step to be done just right because it will ultimately determine the accuracy of the following steps, so take your time and consult the image we provide to make sure you’re on the right track.

  • Draw a big square in the middle of your paper
  • Erase the top left and right line of the square
  • Replace both lines with diagonal lines
Step 1 Bulldozer tutorial
The bulldozer’s engine

Step 2: Draw the cab

The cab of a bulldozer is the enclosed area where the operator sits to control and operate the heavy machinery. There are many features inside the cab, so it’s quite bigger than the engine.

In order to complete this step, use your ruler and draw a big square on the left side of the engine. Make sure the bottom lines of both the engine and the cab are aligned, while the top of the cab is roughly double the length of the engine.

Erase the top left and right sides of the cab before turning them into curved and diagonal lines. Draw a curved line on the left side of the cab and a diagonal line on the right, as shown in the image below.

  • Draw a big square attached to the left side of the engine
  • Draw a curved line on the top left side of the cab
  • Draw a diagonal line on the top right side of the cab
Step 2 Bulldozer Tutorial
The bulldozer’s engine and cab

Step 3: Draw the Tires and tracks

The tires and tracks of a bulldozer are rugged, durable and sturdy materials that provide traction and stability.

Start by drawing a long oval below the engine and cab. Then, draw a smaller yet equally long oval inside the big one and make sure there’s a small amount of space in between them.

Add the tires inside the big empty space found within the center of both ovals. Draw a smooth circle on the left side and then another smooth circle on the right. Make sure they’re almost identical in size, and you’re all set for the next step!

  • Draw a long oval below the engine and cab
  • Add another smaller oval inside the first oval drawn
  • Draw a smooth circle on the left and the right within the oval shape
Step 3 Bulldozer Tutorial
The bulldozer’s engine, cab, tires and tracks

Step 4: Draw the push frame and blade

First, start by drawing a long thin oval attached to the center of the engine. This will be the push frame of the dozer. The oval shape should run downward diagonally, and end a short distance away from the edge of the engine.

On the tip of the push frame you drew, draw a big L-shaped line. Next, draw two more L-shaped lines inside the first one. Make sure that their tips are connected to one another. This is the blade of the dozer.

Once finished, erase the line of the engine that overlaps with the push frame and you’re set!

  • Draw a long thin oval shape starting from the center of the engine
  • Draw a big “L” shaped line on the tip of the push frame
  • Connect two more “L” shaped lines to the first one
Step 4 Bulldozer Drawing Tutorial
The bulldozer engine, cab, tires, tracks, push frame and blade

Step 5: Draw the Smoke pumper

The smoke pumper of a bulldozer is the component that helps to expel excess smoke and emissions produced by the engine.

In order to finish this step, start by drawing a small square on top of the engine, roughly around the middle of the top line. Next, draw a long vertical rectangle on top of the square that ends when in alignment with the top of the cab.

Finally, curve the top of the rectangle to the right and then draw a vertical line to cut it off.

  • Start by drawing a small square on top of the engine
  • Draw a long vertical rectangle on top of the square
  • Curve the top of the rectangle to the right and end it off with a vertical line
Step 5 Bulldozer Drawing Tutorial

Step 6: Draw the windows

Your bulldozer drawing is now almost finished, though it would be incomplete without some windows for the operators to peer out of! To start, draw a semi-small square on the left side of your cab, matching the curve pattern of the cab’s side.

Then, draw a vertical rectangle on the right side of your cab. Since it’s a rectangle, naturally it will be longer than the square you drew earlier.

While drawing the rectangle, bear in mind that the upper right side of the shape should curve in a similar way the cab does. Once finished, you should have two windows on your bulldozer drawing that look something like this!

  • Start by drawing a square on the left-half side of the cab
  • Draw a rectangle on the right half-side of the cab
  • Make sure the outer lines of your shapes curve in alignment with the cab
Step 6 Bulldozer Drawing Tutorial
Windows added to a bulldozer drawing

congratulations! your bulldozer drawing is complete

We’re super stoked that you made it this far into the tutorial and breathed some life onto a blank page. You’ve completed something you set out to do which is an achievement in its own right, however, it’s not over yet. Once you’re ready, follow the steps below to add some extra quality to your design!

Black and white sketch of a bulldozer

Taking Your Bulldozer Drawing To The Next Level

There are ways to take a black and white sketch and improve the overall condition of it. Adding a background and some color to your bulldozer drawing are merely two of those options.

Remember, art is not linear, nor does it necessarily have to only be black and white. You are always allowed, and even encouraged, to experiment with your drawing abilities and see how far you can go!

Step 7: Adding a Background

A background helps provide context and depth to artwork. It adds layers of detail that complements or contrasts with the main subject, which in turn may boost interest and balance to the piece. That is the power of a good background!

For your bulldozer drawing, there are quite a few background ideas to play around with, but first, you need to establish the story you’re trying to tell.

Ask yourself a few questions before you begin, like what time of day you’d like to include in your story. Is it dark or sunny outside? Is your bulldozer on a construction site? Is it currently en-route to a construction site, driving through a city center?

Take your time to really sift through all the possibilities. We have a few backgrounds that might inspire you within some of our other tutorials, like how to draw a police car, how to draw a tow-truck or how to draw a monster truck.

If you like the background we have chosen for our bulldozer drawing – which is mainly comprised of a tree, a shrub and some dirt added to the blade – feel free to copy those details as much as you’re able. Use the image we provide to help guide you through the process.

Step 8: Add a Background to the basic drawing of the Bulldozer
Added Background to the Bulldozer Drawing

Step 8: adding color

Set aside your drawing pencils and grab your coloring kit! Grab a selection of colors that relate to the objects found within your drawing to make it look a smidge more realistic.

For the bulldozer, pick different colors for each step you drew. This is going to highlight and compliment each aspect quite beautifully.

Such as a bright yellow for the engine and cab, a light gray for the windows, red for both the smoke pumper and blade, varying blues for the tracks, and a nice creamy orange for the push frame and tires.

Step 9: Adding Colors to the Bulldozer Basic Drawing
Bulldozer drawing with background and color

bonus Tips

Be sure to check out some YouTube videos on vehicle drawing tutorials for some added inspiration and guidance.

Write your name somewhere on the design for a personalized touch.

Experiment with different colors to play around with your creativity.

Add some other distinctive features of a bulldozer, like a operator, group of construction workers around the vehicle, some smoke above the smoke pumper or some rubble and dirt around the bottom.

Check out similar drawing tutorials for inspiration, like how to draw an excavator, tractor, dump truck and crane. There are many to choose from on our site, so be sure to thoroughly browse through the vehicle section for some great inspo!


You have learnt quite a lot by completing this tutorial. Not only about drawing and art, but about the functionality of bulldozers as well. For that, you should be proud!

You now have a cool sketch to add to your collection and also show your friends and family. If you’re new to the journey of artwork and drawing, let this be the first step in an awesome adventure.

There are so many other drawings to get started on that will really challenge you and your creativity, so see you next time in another tutorial!

Conclusion image on How to Draw a Bulldozer
How to draw a Bulldozer Summary

Thanks for reading & feel free to check out more of our articles!

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An easy step by step tutorial on how to draw a bulldozer. You will learn how to add a realistic background and add vivid colors.

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