How to draw a tow truck

How to Draw a Tow Truck | Drawing Guide

Tow trucks are the vehicles that are used to move improperly parked or damaged vehicles. They’re big and have complicated structures.

Today, we’ll learn how to draw a tow truck from scratch. This guide is helpful for kids of all ages. It has an easy step-by-step process.

What you will need

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sheet of paper
  • Coloring kit
  • Ruler
  • 30 minutes

Draw a Tow Truck

This guide will make it easy for you to draw a tow truck. We will explain each step in detail. You’ll have a fantastic drawing in a few minutes.

How to draw a tow truck
Step-by-step process

Gather your stationery, and let’s get to work. It’s going to be a fun and exciting 30 minutes. You will love it.

Step 1: Draw the truck cabin

The truck cabin is where the driver sits. It has a window and a door on it. First, we’ll draw the basic structure of the truck cabin.

To draw the truck cabin, we’ll draw a diamond-shaped structure. We’ll draw a rectangle on the left side of the paper. Then, we’ll erase the lines from the upper right corner and draw two inward lines as in the image. These two lines must meet each other. Our truck cabin is ready. Now we’ll add other things to it.

How to draw the truck cabin
Truck cabin

Step 2: Draw the backside of the truck

Now, we’ll draw the backside of the truck, which is rectangular in shape. It carries the vehicles when it’s been lifted. 

We’ll draw a horizontal rectangle behind the truck cabin at its base to make it. The base of the truck cabin and the backside of the truck must be at the same level.

How to draw the backside of the truck
The backside of the Truck

The backside of the tow truck isn’t a closed structure. For that reason, we’ll keep the length of the rectangle short. The length of the backside of the truck should be less than the half length of the truck cabin.

Step 3: Draw the Windows and Door

To make the window, we’ll draw a rectangle on the upper side of the truck cabin. The left horizontal line of this rectangle should be slanted, as shown in the image. Right under the window, we’ll draw another rectangle that will serve as the door of the truck. The width of both of these rectangles must be equal.

How to draw the Windows and door of the Truck
Windows and door of the Truck

After that, we’ll make a door knob. To draw the door knob, we’ll draw an elongated oval-shaped structure on the top right corner of the door. This structure will be sideways, as shown in the image.

Step 4: Draw the Wheels

We’re not making a flying car as in the cartoons. Rather, we’re drawing a real tow truck. Speaking of a real truck, it must have wheels for its smooth drive. Why wait? Let’s draw the wheels.

First, we’ll draw the front wheel. We’ll draw a circle under the truck cabin. We’ll draw it in such a way that half the circle should be below the baseline of the truck cabin and half above the baseline. Inside this circle, we’ll draw another small circle. Our front wheel is ready for a spin.

We’ll follow the same process as we did for the front wheel to draw the back wheel. The back wheel will be under the backside of the truck.

How to draw the Wheels of the Truck
Wheels of the Truck

We can use any round lid to make the circle. We can even use a compass for this. If you have nothing, go for the free-hand technique.

After making the wheels, we’ll erase any line overlapping the wheels.

Step 5: Draw the bumper

Bumpers prevent or reduce the physical damage to our vehicle. It is a solid structure and saves our damage from hefty damage during small collisions.

To draw the bumper, we’ll draw a long horizontal rectangle under the truck cabin and the backside of the truck. The front and the backside of the bumper should be slightly outward. If it is inwards, having the bumper on our truck is useless. So we will make sure it’s outward from both sides.

How to draw the Bumper of the Truck
Bumper of the Truck

Erase any line overlapping the wheels.

Step 6: Draw the Tow Arm

The tow arm is the main structure of this truck. It is used to lift up other vehicles. It’s a strong structure.

We’ll draw a small rectangle on the truck’s backside to draw the tow arm. Next, we’ll draw an elongated semicircle on this rectangle. The diameter of the semicircle shouldn’t be greater than the width of the rectangle.

Inside the semicircle, we’ll draw a small circle. Now, we’ll stretch two parallel lines slanted at an angle. These lines start from the semi-circle, as shown in the image.

How to draw Tow arm of the Truck
The tow arm of the Truck

We’ll draw a circle at the end of these lines to make a closed structure. Inside this circle, we’ll draw another circle. We’ll use any round lid to draw circles for smoothness in our drawing.

Step 7: Draw hook and lights

Continuing from the circle we made in the above step, we’ll stretch two vertical parallel lines. These lines are narrow and shouldn’t touch the backside of the truck. These lines are the metal wires to support the hook.

We’ll draw an inverted question mark right where the vertical parallel lines end to draw the hook. 

How to draw the The hook and lights of the Truck
The hook and lights of the Truck

We’ll make sure the length of the vertical parallel lines is as desired, or the hook will hit the backside of the truck.

Step 8: The tow truck is completed

There you go! Our tow truck is completed. It was fun and an easy process, wasn’t it? It is ready to lift the vehicles.

We have created the basic structure of our tow truck. Later, we will modify it as well. Follow the process and enjoy the results.

How to draw the tow truck
The tow truck is ready

Taking your drawing to the next level

Our drawing is completed, but doesn’t it seem too basic? It has no colors to it and is dead. To make it more charismatic, we need to add colors, a background, and more details to it. This will enhance our illustration and give it a professional look.

Note that these steps are quite easy. They don’t require a complex set of skills. This section will boost your confidence as the drawing will seem more artistic after this section. Let’s do this.

Adding background to your drawing 

Having a background in our drawing gives it a perspective. It gives it a more realistic look. We can add any type of background to our drawing. 

In this drawing, we’ll add bushes and a pretty sky to our drawing. 

First, we’ll draw a straight line under the wheels. It’ll be the road on which our truck is resting. Use a ruler to make this straight line.

We’ll draw bushes behind our truck. To make it, we’ll draw spiral lines behind our truck. Keep in mind that nothing from the background should overlap our drawing. If it does, grab your eraser and erase the overlapping lines. 

How to draw a tow truck
Adding background

Adding colors to your drawing 

Colors will make our drawing beautiful and scenic. Without colors, it seems basic. 

To start with, we’ll use green colors for the bushes as bushes are always green, right? We can’t use black or pink color for the bushes unless we’re drawing for a cartoon channel.

How to draw a tow truck
Adding colors

We’ll add a grayish-black color to the wheel and the hook. You can color the other parts according to your own taste. Just make sure to do the colors in a clean way. 

P.S Bonus Tips 

This section is purely based on your imagination. You can customize your drawing the way you want. Since we have drawn the bushes, we can also add a sky. We can add birds flying in the air to make it more detailed. You can add a logo or your name on the door of the truck.

Saying it again, use your creativity and make your drawing spectacular. 


Drawing a tow truck is easy if you follow the guidelines. This guide has all the required steps. First, we drew the truck cabin and the backside of the truck. Then we drew the windows and the door. Later, we drew the wheels, followed by the drawing of the bumper. Then we made the tow arm, hook, and lights. Finally, we upgraded the drawing.  

We are confident that you followed each step and made an attractive drawing. Remember, no one gets a perfect outcome on the first try. It needs constant practice to be efficient. If you don’t get the required results, don’t be upset. You just have to try again, and you’ll achieve your goals.

How to draw a tow truck

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This guide explains how to draw a tow truck in a simple and effective way. You will learn a few interesting facts about this vehicle by reading this guide.

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