How to draw a tow truck

How to Draw a Tow Truck | a Step-by-Step Guide

Here are nine easy steps that will teach you how to draw a realistic depiction of a tow truck. The best part? You only need regular drawing materials and about a half an hour to get the job done! Are you ready to get started?

First, just to clarify, let’s explore what a tow truck is. Labelled the “Draggin’ Wagon”, these vehicles are used to move improperly parked or damaged vehicles over short to medium distances.

The general structure of the vehicle is quite similar to a regular truck, or a trophy truck, however tow trucks feature a crane-like mechanism at the back to help lift and maneuver vehicles while towing them.

Drawing a tow truck can be a great experience. It’s straightforward, doesn’t require a lot of fuss, while still being incredibly effective, as well. So if you enjoy drawing vehicles, or simply want to try something new, this is the perfect tutorial for you!

What you will need

  • A4 sheet of paper
  • Pencils (HB, 2h and 3b)
  • An eraser
  • A ruler
  • Coloring kit
  • 30 minutes
Complete Process

How To Draw a Tow Truck

I recommend studying the outline before you begin drawing. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with each step beforehand! Additionally, ensure you have all of the required drawing tools with you to avoid having to take unnecessary breaks as you’re drawing. Once you’re ready, dive right in!

How to draw a tow truck
Outline of all the steps

Step 1: Draw the Driver’s cabin

First things first, kick off your drawing by flipping your paper in a landscape orientation. Since this truck is captured from the side, a landscape orientation is going to provide you with ample room to properly size the drawing.

Then, draw a semi-large square on the left side of your paper to represent the driver’s cabin. To make the cabin look a smidge more realistic, erase the upper left corner of the square.

Replace the corner lines with diagonal lines running inward just like the image below, and you’re all set for the next step!

  • Draw a semi-large square for the driver’s cabin
  • Erase the upper left corner of the square
  • Replace the corner lines with diagonal lines
How to draw the truck cabin
Draw the truck cabin

Step 2: Draw the Rear End of the truck

Next up is the rear end of the truck. This is the portion found at the back which features the tow mechanism and carries the vehicle while being towed, therefore you will draw this section on the right side of the driver’s cabin.

You can either grab your ruler, or use the freehand method to draw a long horizontal rectangle extending from the right side of the driver’s cabin.

You want to make sure the bottom line of the rectangle is aligned with the bottom of the cabin, and that the length matches the illustration, and you’re good to go!

  • Draw a long horizontal rectangle for the rear end
  • Make sure bottom of the rectangle is aligned with the cabin
  • Follow the image below for a guide on the length
How to draw the backside of the truck
Draw the rear end of the truck

Step 3: Draw the Window and Door

First, draw a small rectangular shape inside the upper part of the driver’s cabin for the window. Ensure the left line of the rectangle is slanted to match the side of the driver’s cabin.

Then, draw another rectangle directly beneath the window to resemble the door of the truck. To make the drawing more authentic, draw a thin oval along the upper right part of the door for the door handle, and you should be set!

  • Draw a small rectangle inside the upper part of the cabin
  • Draw a rectangle directly beneath the window for the door
  • Draw a small oval on the upper right corner for the door knob
How to draw the Windows and door of the Truck
Draw the window and door

Step 4: Draw the Wheels

It’s time to add on the wheels! Since tow trucks are road-driven vehicles, they would appear incomplete without a nice pair of wheels along the bottom, wouldn’t you agree?

First, draw two small circles that are spaced apart along the bottom of your tow truck, one on the front and one on the rear end of the truck. You want to ensure that only the tips of each circle overlap with the body of the tow truck.

Then, add a smaller circle inside each large one to mimic the shape of real-life wheels. Once you’re done, erase any lines of the truck that overlap with the wheels, and you should have something that looks like this.

  • Draw two small circles along the bottom of the truck
  • Add a smaller circle inside each circle to resemble wheels
  • Erase any overlapping lines
How to draw the Wheels of the Truck
Draw the wheels

Step 5: Draw the bumper

Now that the basic outline of the vehicle is somewhat complete, it’s time to add a few extra details onto your drawing that will boost the realism of your design, starting with the bumper.

Draw a long horizontal rectangle underneath the driver’s cabin and rear end of the truck to represent the bumper. Ensure that the length slightly exceeds that of the truck, and that the rectangle is placed over the top of the wheels.

Erase the lines of the bumper that are visible inside the wheels, and you should be left with something that looks like this.

  • Draw a long horizontal rectangle under the truck
  • Ensure the rectangle is slightly longer than the truck
  • Erase any overlapping lines for a neat finish
How to draw the Bumper of the Truck
Draw the bumper

Step 6: Draw the Tow Arm

This step is slightly more complex than the previous ones, so pay close attention to the dimensions and placement of the tow arm before sketching. First, draw a small rectangle on the left side of the truck’s rear end for the base of the tow arm.

Then, draw an elongated semicircle on this rectangle, the diameter of which should be smaller than the width of the rectangle. Draw a small circle inside the semicircle to showcase the attachment between the two shapes.

Once you’re done, draw a long diagonal rectangle extending from the upper side of the semicircle that leans to the right. Polish off the tow arm by drawing a small circle at the tip, and add another circle inside it for the final look!

  • Draw a small rectangle and semicircle for the base
  • Draw a long diagonal rectangle for the arm
  • Add a circle on the tip of the rectangle for detail
How to draw Tow arm of the Truck
Draw the tow arm

Step 7: Draw The hook and lights

Continuing from the circle we made in the above step, draw a thin vertical rectangle extending downward. This shape will represent the metal wires to support the hook.

Draw an inverted question mark right where the vertical rectangle ends to resemble the hook. Finally, add the lights by drawing a small semicircle against the front and back of the truck.

  • Draw a thin vertical rectangle extending from the tow arm’s circle
  • Draw an inverted question mark for the hook
  • Add the lights by drawing two small semicircles
How to draw the The hook and lights of the Truck
Draw the hook and lights

Congratulations! Your tow truck Drawing is complete

If you followed along with each step, you should now have a black-and-white tow truck, ready to go! Take a little break to assess the outcome of your drawing.

Are you happy with the results? Remember, you can always refine a few things if you’d like.

How to draw the tow truck
The tow truck is ready

Taking your Tow Truck drawing to the next level

Your drawing is now complete, but doesn’t it seem too basic? It has no colors to it and is rather…stale. To make it more charismatic, we now need to add some color plus a background to give it a more defined appearance.

Step 8: Adding a background

Including a background in your drawing not only provides it with a perspective but also broadens the scope of the imagination. There are a few background ideas to choose from for a tow truck drawing.

We’ve gone ahead and added a border to our drawing, with a few bushes and shrubs behind the truck. If you like the way this looks, you’re more than welcome to use a similar design on your drawing!

How to draw a tow truck
Adding a background

Step 9: Adding color

Set aside your drawing pencils and grab your coloring kit! Here you can really let loose and allow your imagination to run wild. Real tow trucks do not really have a standard color, so you can select any color you’d like for the truck.

Just be sure to include some realistic tones on certain parts, like black and gray for the wheels, yellow for the lights, or a light gray or blue for the window. Use different colors on different parts of your tow truck to make it stand out!

How to draw a tow truck
Adding colors

Bonus Tips 

Watch YouTube videos explaining the perspectives used when drawing trucks to help you better understand the process. It’s also a great tool to connect and interact with other budding artists.

Share your drawing with others on visual learning platforms or your favorite social media app.

I like adding my name and the date to my drawings because I feel like it personalizes the work and creates a timestamp that documents my progress. This is a fantastic tool for you to use as well, so be sure to consider it!


Drawing a tow truck is not that difficult, right? From the driver’s cabin, rear end, bumper, wheels, window and door, to the tow arm and hook, each component turned out to be a combination of shapes placed together.

Creating something out of nothing is always a commendable feat, so be proud of the work you have put into your drawing. Apply these techniques to other drawings as well, and watch as your collection of art surely grows!

How to draw a tow truck

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This guide explains how to draw a tow truck in a simple and effective way. You will learn a few interesting facts about this vehicle by reading this guide.

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