How to Draw Football Cards

How to Draw Referee Football Cards | Easy Drawing Guide

Today’s lesson is on how to draw football cards. In the lesson, we will not be drawing collectible trading cards that feature images and information about a player. We will be drawing the referee’s soccer cards. These are the cards that the referee raises high in the air when a player breaks the rules.

The soccer referee’s cards are a set of colored cards that the referee uses to communicate to the coaches, players, and spectators during a football match. You probably have seen one if you have watched a professional football match. The most common cards are yellow and red in color.

StepComplexity Level
Drawing the First Card1
Drawing the Second Card1
Refining the Drawing1
Coloring the Cards2
Complexity Level

What You Will Need

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A ruler
  • A drawing piece of paper
  • Coloring supplies
  • 10 minutes

How to Draw Football Referee Cards

As we learn how to draw football cards, we will also be sharing crucial details about these cards. This is because, in addition to turning you into a great artist, we want to increase your knowledge. We don’t want you to draw something you have no idea what it is.

As always, the first thing we are going to do is review the steps we will be taking in today’s lesson. The steps are shown in the below image. Study it keenly so that you are able to follow along easily.

How to Draw Football Cards
Steps on How to Draw Football Cards

Step 1: Draw the First Card

In the tutorial, we are going to draw the Red and Yellow football cards stacked together. We, however, need to start with one card and then add the second one.

Use your ruler to draw a vertical rectangle that slants slightly to the left. The reason for this is we don’t want our drawing to be too boring. To make it more interesting, we are going to draw the cards at an angle. This will indicate that they are lying on a table and not just floating in nothingness.

One thing you need to understand about soccer cards is that they don’t have sharp edges. We don’t want the referee to cut himself, do we? For that reason, we are going to make the corners of the rectangle rounded. Use your eraser to remove the sharp corners and add rounded ones.

Make sure the rectangle is as proportional as possible. The top part should not be wider than the bottom or vice versa.

  • Draw a vertical rectangle that slants slightly to the left
  • Make the corners rounded
How to Draw Football Cards
Draw the First Card

Step 2: Draw the Second Card

With the first soccer referee card ready, we are going to add the second card to the right of the first one. The two cards will be touching each other. That is why we are going to draw the second card slanting in the opposite direction and with its bottom part cutting through the first card.

We will be following the same steps we did earlier. Use your ruler to draw a vertical rectangle that slants slightly to the right. The bottom part should cut through the bottom right part of the first rectangle as shown in our illustration below. You should then erase the sharp corners and make them rounded.

Keep in mind that both the red and yellow cards are of the same size. This means you should try and make the second card the same size as the first card. If one card is smaller, you will notice that it will seem out of place. We don’t want that.

  • Draw a vertical rectangle that slants in the opposite direction
  • Make the corners rounded
  • Ensure the two cards are the same size
How to Draw Football Cards
Draw the Second Card

Step 3: Refine the Drawing

Our cards don’t look too realistic, do they? That is because there is a line cutting through each of the cards. Keeping in mind that football cards are not transparent, we cannot leave our cards as they are. We need to modify them a bit.

The first thing we are going to do is decide on the card that will be on top. In our case, we chose the soccer card on the left to be the one on top. Consequently, we are going to use our eraser to remove the line that cuts through the card that is on top. Take care not to erase the sides of the card.

  • Erase the line that cuts through the first card
How to Draw Football Cards
Erase the Overlapping Part

Take the Drawing to the Next Level

Congratulations! The football cards are now ready. But they don’t look like football cards yet. This is why we need to do something extra to turn the cards into realistic soccer cards. For this, we are going to do a very simple thing: color the cards.

Step 4: Color the Cards

The feature that distinguishes the football referee cards is the color. As we mentioned earlier, we will be drawing the red and yellow cards. The first card we will color is the one on the left. This will be the red card. Let’s learn a bit about the use of the cards.

If you have been to a soccer match, you know that the Red card is the most feared. A player who is shown the Red card has to leave the field immediately and cannot be substituted. This means when one of the players is shown the red card, their team will have to play with one less player.

The worst part is that there is no limit on the number of players, in one team, that can be shown the red card. However, the game will be stopped if a team has less than 7 players. This means if 5 players of the same team get a Red card the game will end.

The Yellow Card, on the other hand, is held up by the referee to indicate that a player has broken a rule. The Yellow card is more of a warning that if the player repeats the offense, they will be forced off the pitch. In a single game, a player gets two yellow cards before being shown the Red Card.

Now that you understand what the two cards are used for, let’s color our cards. Take out your coloring supplies. You only need two colors, Red and Yellow. Use your red color to color within the borders of the left card. Take care so that the colors don’t spill outside the perimeter of the card.

Next, take out your yellow color and start coloring the card on the left. Again, you need to ensure the colors don’t spill outside the borders of the card. The yellow color should also not get on the red card. Here is what our drawing looks like.

How to Draw Football Cards
Our Colored Football Cards


Drawing football cards is pretty straightforward. The only hard part is making sure the cards are of the same size. We started by drawing a slanted rectangle to add the first card then another rectangle for the second card. To make our cards more realistic, we erased the line cutting through the left card and then colored our drawing.

You can use these steps to draw any card including the collectible trading cards. The rule is simply to color the cards properly and ensure they are of the same size. That was easy, right?

How to Draw Football Cards
How to Draw Football Cards

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Learn how to use rectangles to draw realistic football cards. You will also learn what the different cards are used for.

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