how to draw a Jet

How to Draw a Jet | Step-By-Step Tutorial for Kids

You have probably seen them on TV, and if you are lucky enough, you have seen them in real life. If you’re a fan of fast-flying machines and thrilling adventures, you’re in for a treat.

In this simple and exciting tutorial, we’ll break down every step to draw your very own jet. Grab your favorite drawing supplies and get ready to take off on this artistic journey!

What You Will Need

  • Drawing sheet
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Instructions on How to Draw a Jet

This tutorial is meant to give you step-by-step instructions on how to draw a jet on paper. All you have to do is follow these easy-peasy steps to draw a cool-looking jet.

how to draw a Jet
The Steps We Will Follow

Step 1: Draw the Body

The body of a jet is also called the fuselage. This is what holds all the pieces together. The pilot’s cockpit is located in the fuselage.

Bearing in mind the fuselage is what holds the pieces together, it is obvious that we need to draw this part first. Draw an oval shape from the center of your drawing sheet that resembles the one shown below.

how to draw a Jet
Draw the Fuselage

This is the largest part of the jet, so it should be big. It should, however, not be too big because we need room on the paper for the other parts of the jet. Make sure you leave more space on the right side of the paper.

Step 2: Draw the Wings

Without wings, a jet would not get anywhere. It would simply crash. This is because the wings are what enable an airplane to fly and remain stable once airborne.

The wings of a jet have a lot of sections, which include the flaps, spoiler, slats, and aileron. In this tutorial, we will not go too much into detail. We will be drawing a simple jet that gives you a basic understanding of the parts of a jet.

Besides, we don’t want to draw an image that is too complex that it will be impossible for you to draw, do we?

To add the wing, draw a horizontal line on the fuselage. This will serve as the end of the wing mounted onto the jet’s body. Next, draw a half-oval shape that starts from one end of the line and ends at the other.

how to draw a Jet
Add a Wing

The oval shape you draw should lean towards the right, as shown in the above image. That way, it will be more aerodynamic (this shape reduces drag from air that moves past it). 

Step 3: Draw the Tail

In the third step, we need to add a tail to our jet. And no, this is not a tail like that of a dog or cat. It helps the jet to remain stable while flying and helps the pilot steer from side to side.

We need to add a rectangle shape to the back of our fuselage to add the tail. As shown in the image below, A small portion of the rectangle should be slightly inside the fuselage and extend diagonally toward the right.

how to draw a Jet
Add the Tail

Once you have drawn the rectangle, it is time to use the eraser. Erase the top right corner of the rectangle and make it rounded, as seen in the above image.

For the purposes of aerodynamics, you should make the top part of the rectangle narrower. This may require deleting the top half part of the left section of the rectangle and curving the line so that the top part of the rectangle is narrower.

Once you are done making the top corners more rounded, use your eraser to carefully remove the part of the rectangle that went inside the fuselage. Now our jet is halfway done. You can take a short break if you like.

Step 4: Draw the Mini Wing

A jet needs horizontal stabilizers. These are tiny wings located below the tail. The stabilizers also house the elevators, which are the parts that help the pilot move the airplane up and down.

Since we can only view one side of our jet, we will not add a pair of horizontal stabilizers. This is also why we only added one wing since the other wing is hidden behind the fuselage.

To add the horizontal stabilizers, draw a small oval shape right below the tail, as shown in the image below.

how to draw a Jet
Draw the Horizontal Stabilizers

You need to use your eraser again to remove any line that cuts through the horizontal stabilizer. In our case, the fuselage passes through the stabilizer, so we must remove that line from the drawing.

Step 5: Draw the Jet Engine

The jet engine propels the jet into the air and enables it to achieve impressive speeds. The jet engine works by discharging a jet of heated gas towards the rear. The jet of fast-moving air is what generates thrust and propels the jet.

The jet engine can be mounted on various parts of an airplane. It can be mounted below the fuselage, between two tail wings, or on the wings. It all depends on the type of jet.

In our jet, the engines are mounted on the wings. To draw them, we will draw two small oval shapes at the front end of the wing, as shown in the image below.

how to draw a Jet
Add the Jet Engines

Don’t make the engines too big because they are hidden beneath the wing. You should also use the eraser to remove any lines running through the engine’s oval shape. In our case, we need to remove the fuselage section that runs through the inner engine.

Step 6: Draw the Cockpit

The pilot needs the best view to fly the jet properly. For that reason, Cockpits on jets bulge out and have glass for a wide view of their surroundings.

To add a cockpit to our jet, we need to draw a half-oval shape near the front of our jet. We will then connect the bottom half of the oval shape with a curved line to create a shape like the one shown below.

how to draw a Jet
Add the Cockpit

For the best results, you will need to use your eraser to remove the part of the fuselage that runs through our cockpit. The cockpit should also not be too big but rather proportional to the size of the jet.

Step 7: Draw the Landing Wheel

While jets can take off vertically without requiring a runway, they do need wheels for when they need to move on the ground (this is known as taxiing or taxying).

There is also the fact that not all jets can take off and run vertically. In order to achieve lift, it is necessary for them to run quickly down the runway to build up enough momentum. Jets require sufficient space for braking when landing.

For this reason, our final step is to add a wheel to our jet. We will not be able to add rear wheels because the wing obviously hides them.

To add a wheel, draw a small circle close to the front part of the jet. Add a rectangle with a narrow bottom part to mount the wheel, as shown below.

how to draw a Jet
Add the Landing Gear

Now use your eraser to remove the parts of the wheels that are visible through the mounting. You also need to remove the parts of the mounting that went inside the fuselage.

The jet is complete!

how to draw a Jet
Our Complete Jet Drawing

Adding Details to the Jet

While it is okay to leave your jet engine as it is, adding more details to it will make the drawing more impressive.

We will add a few clouds around the jet for our image to indicate that it is airborne. We will enclose our drawing in a frame that will represent the sky, as shown below.

how to draw a Jet
Add a Background

The final step is the fun part. We will be coloring our drawing. Use your favorite colors to add color to your jet. Take care not to spill colors outside a desired border. Here are the colors we used on our jet.

how to draw a Jet
Complete Jet Drawing


In this easy jet drawing tutorial, we have learned to draw a jet in simple steps. We started by drawing an oval shape to represent the fuselage, then added the wing, tail, horizontal stabilizers, jet engines, cockpit, and then landing gear.

To take our image to the next level, we added clouds and then colored our drawing.

Drawing a jet is not as hard as you thought, right? However, don’t be frustrated if you are having trouble achieving results like ours. There is always room for improvement, and drawing something impressive requires practice.

Keep practicing and adding more details to your drawing.

how to draw a Jet
How to Draw a Jet

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