How to draw a trophy truck

How To Draw A Trophy Truck | A complete guide

Are you ready for another thrilling adventure while drawing? Today, we will draw a trophy truck.

A trophy truck is used in high-speed off-road racing, sometimes called a Baja truck or trick truck. Since this is an open production class, all components are considered legal unless otherwise stated. The trophy truck class is open to any truck that satisfies the safety requirements.

However, most of them have long travel suspensions and powerful motors. They are not street-legal and are exclusively meant for desert racing. When competing in races sanctioned by SCORE International or Best in the Desert, these vehicles are appropriately referred to as “trophy trucks” or “trick trucks.”

What you will need

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sheet of paper
  • Coloring kit
  • Ruler
  • 30 minutes

Draw a trophy truck

Are you guys ready for an amazing drawing experience while learning new things? All you have to do is follow each step carefully. By doing that, you will have a perfect drawing.

How to draw a trophy truck
The Procedure

Step 1: Draw the wheels

In our very first step, we will use the wheels of our trophy truck. Draw two circles on both sides of the paper to make the wheels. You can create perfect circles by positioning the compass’s sharper end where you want the wheel to be. Another option is to use a little disc or a circular bottle cap.

If any of the items mentioned above are unavailable, you shouldn’t panic. We’ll show you how to draw a circle freely. Put a dot where you want your wheel to be, and then four more dots (top, bottom, and left, right) around it. Remember that these dots will be equally spaced from our reference dot. Create curved lines to join all of these dots together. Draw another wheel using the same procedure. The rim is created by drawing a tiny concentric circle inside the wheels.

How to draw the wheels
The Wheels of The Trophy Truck

Step 2: Draw the main body

In our second step, we will draw the main body of the truck, and the wheel will act as the base for drawing the truck’s body. In the image, it looks complicated, but we will guide you. First, draw a horizontal line joining the two wheels we drew in the previous step. Now, move this line over the curvature of the wheels by making it curve. For the upper part of the body, draw another horizontal line parallel to the line we drew to connect the wheels. Now, lift the middle part of this line in a trapezium shape without the baseline. Connect the upper line to the lower with vertical lines, making the edges curved for a realistic look.

How to draw the main body
The Main Body

Perfect! You are making a great effort.

Step 3: Draw the cabin window

Now, we will draw the cabin window of our trophy truck. For the window, simply draw a trapezium shape on the front part of the car that is present on the right of the paper. Making a four-sided figure with one pair of parallel sides is necessary to draw a trapezium. Create a horizontal line to depict the trapezium’s bottom base first. This line can be any length and should be straight.

Draw two lines slanted upward and inward, starting from the bottom base’s endpoints. The bottom base should be shorter than these lines. A straight line should be drawn from the top ends of the slanting lines. It serves as the trapezium’s top base. Two lines slanting outward join the tips of the top and bottom bases. The matching sides on the other end should be shorter than these lines. Refine the shape by going over your lines and ensuring that all angles are roughly equal. Make the corners curved for a realistic look.

How to draw the cabin window
The Cabin Window

Step 4: Draw the spring

We will draw the spring, the shock absorbers, or the suspension. It is a very important part of a trophy truck. The suspension of a Trophy Truck is built for maximum suspension travel, and most of them can travel up to 36 to 40 inches. All Trophy Trucks are made specifically for each vehicle out of steel tubing; they lack a frame and have lengthy, boxed-in trailing arms that run parallel to the frame.

How to draw the spring
The Spring

Draw the spring between the main body and wheels by making vertical parallel lines. Also, make a spiral line inside the spring, as shown in the image.

Step 5: Draw the down part of the body

It is the easiest step. All you have to do is join the two wheels with a straight horizontal line below the main body of the trophy truck to make the down part of the truck’s body.

How to draw the down part of the body
The Down Part of The Body

Step 6: Draw the lights

In our sixth step, we will draw our truck’s headlights and backlights because, like other vehicles, they need to illuminate the way at night. To make the backlight on the rear part of the truck, draw a small rectangle and a small square below it. For the headlight, draw a small vertical rectangle on the front of the rectangle.

How to draw the lights
The Lights

Step 7: Draw the door

In our last and final step or drawing, we will make the door of the trophy truck. Draw a rectangle below the trapezium-shaped window. For the door handle, draw a small horizontal rectangle on the door.

How to draw the door
The Door

Step 8: Your trophy truck is ready

Excellent! Your drawing is complete. Give yourself a pat for doing a wonderful drawing. As mentioned in the steps, we are so excited and hopeful that you created a spectacular image. You can make mistakes when drawing, so give it another look after completion. If it doesn’t look right, erase it and make it better; then, use an outliner to make it look better.

How to draw the trophy truck
Trophy Truck is Ready

Wait to put your things away. The real magic is about to begin. We will make your drawing from looking like a drawing to a masterpiece picture.

Taking your trophy truck drawing to the next level

To improve your truck drawing, you must expand your skills, try new methods, and experiment with various styles.  Remember that growing as an artist is a process rather than an end. Be gentle to yourself, keep asking questions, and keep challenging yourself. Enjoy the process of creating art and using it to express yourself. You may always add your ideas to an image to make it more unique. Your increased willingness to generate more creative work will also increase your self-confidence and your thinking. The steps that follow involve adding color and a background to our drawing.

Take out your art supplies, and let your creativity run free.

Adding background to your drawing

The composition of the drawing can be balanced with a well-designed background. It can serve as a point of reference for the spectator and foster harmony between the subject and its surroundings. Background information is essential to a good narrative. They can include further details about the story, including the day of the week, the time of year, or a specific location. It may enable the audience to receive a more thorough report. A complete and precise backdrop is necessary for realistic or representational art to convey the illusion of reality successfully. It aids in placing the subject in a plausible setting.

You can draw a track under the trophy truck or a race track, as this truck is mostly used for racing. You can draw other trucks around it with space on your paper. You can add a shining sun in the sky.

How to draw the trophy truck
Adding Background

Adding color to your drawing

Now is the time for you to express your creative side. Utilize your artistic talents to the fullest when coloring your drawing. Including color in your picture will make it more vibrant and alive. With color, the image seems full of life and exciting. We need to color it so it looks lively and new.

You should use any color you want for your truck. You can color it with dull colors like brown, grey, or any color you prefer. You can use blue for the windows and light blue for the sky. For the road tack, you can use either grey or white color. By merging and mixing, you can use different shades of colors to give an artistic effect to your drawing.

How to draw a trophy truck
Adding Colors

P.S. Bonus Tips

We’ve finished our drawing, and we hope you liked it as much as we did. There are no restrictions on one’s imagination, as was previously said. Any improvement can be made to the drawing. Although we provided a background and some colors, there is still more you can do.

You can make designs or patterns on the truck body; it can be a pattern you have seen in real life or made in your imagination. It is better to draw a sandy track for this truck as it is made for racing in the desert. These are very few ideas, but as we know, we can do anything, so don’t limit yourself to ideas.


Our drawing is all ready now. It was a fun and easy process. We’re sure you followed each step without skipping and made a fantastic drawing. This guide explained each step most easily. We made the wheels and drew the truck’s body, cabin window, spring, down part of the body, lights, and the door.

The more you sketch, the better you’ll get, and the more ideas will come to you. Remember that sketching is a smart and creative approach to expressing yourself. Keeping them in mind will be quite beneficial in ensuring that the artwork is yours. You should always keep going, so if you’re unhappy with the outcomes, you can try again.

How to draw a trophy truck

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This guide explains how to draw a trophy truck. You will also learn a few interesting facts about this vehicle.

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