How To Draw A Scuba Diver

How To Draw A Scuba Diver | An Artistic Adventure

Whether you’re prepping for an undersea adventure or bringing the ocean depths to life through art, learning how to draw a scuba diver is a splash. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be expertly illustrating divers poised to explore vibrant coral reefs, mysterious shipwrecks, and fascinating aquatic life.

This easy beginner drawing guide breaks down diving gear piece by piece – from essential oxygen tanks to flippers for added speed. We’ll provide helpful shape templates so you can capture great poses, from hovering weightlessly to diving straight down. And we remembered the bubbles! Add those finishing touches to have your diver looking like a pro.

Steps Complexity level
Draw the snorkel3
Draw the head2
Draw the upper body and hands3
Draw the suba tank4
Draw the legs2
Draw the scuba tank2
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What You Will Need

  • Paper 
  • Drawing utensils 
  • Ruler or straight edge (optional) 
  • Colors 
How To Draw A Scuba Diver
Complete Process

How to draw a scuba diver

Dive right into this fun maritime tutorial that takes the pressure out of drawing dazzling scuba scenes. Soon your drawings will have friends and family eagerly suiting up to submerge into your spectacular undersea illustrations. So grab your pencils, and we will get bubbly with learning how to draw a sensational scuba diver!

How To Draw A Scuba Diver
Steps to draw a scuba diver

Step 1: Draw the Snorkel 

The snorkel is an essential gear for scuba diving, allowing the diver to breathe while swimming face down along the water’s surface. When drawing the snorkel, first sketch in the goggles using a series of curved lines that encircle the eyes with a band stretching horizontally across. Leave room on the goggles for the diver’s nose and brow to peek through.

How To Draw A Scuba Diver
Drawing the snorkel

Next, draw a tube that attaches to the goggles, curving down towards the mouth area. This tube transports air from above the water’s surface. Finally, draw the snorkel mouthpiece as a circle. Sit just below the tube’s end, with a short curved line attached that will later rest between the diver’s teeth.

  • Sketch goggles first using curved lines around the eyes with a horizontal band
  • Add a tube that attaches to goggles, curving down towards the mouth 
  • Draw a circular mouthpiece under the tube and attach the small curved line

Step 2: Draw the Head

The head shape will be mostly obscured by the scuba gear, but take care in drawing the part of the face peeking out around the goggles just like we drew the head of a volleyball player. Use a combination of curved and zig-zag lines to create a look of either determination or wonder in the diver’s visible facial features. This adds human emotion and intrigue to your underwater scene.

How To Draw A Scuba Diver
Drawing the head
  • Sketch face peeking out from goggles using curved and zig-zag lines
  • Creates a sense of determination or wonder in expression
  • The visible part of the face adds intrigue and emotion

Step 3: Draw the Upper Body and Hands

Use a series of gently curving vertical and horizontal lines to outline the torso and arms of your scuba diver that we have drawn before in the drawing of a rugby player. The look should be streamlined, following the contours of the gear. Be sure to leave room to connect the oxygen tank behind the back. Also sketch the hands in a position that looks like they are steadying the snorkel mouthpiece or hands down like draw in the image

How To Draw A Scuba Diver
Drawing the upper body and hands
  • Outline upper body and arms with curved vertical and horizontal lines
  • Streamlined look contours to diving gear
  • Position hands to appear holding a snorkel or just hands down

Step 4: Draw the Scuba Tank

The oxygen tank is essential for breathing underwater. Draw it as an oval shape attached by straps to the backside of the diver’s body. Add curved line details to show valves and gauges on the tank. Ensure it looks securely fastened with straps across the chest/waist.

How To Draw A Scuba Diver
Drawing the scuba tank
  • Draw an oval-shaped tank with curved line details for valves/gauges
  • Connect securely to the backside of the body with straps across the chest/waist
  • The essential piece of gear for underwater breathing

Step 5: Draw the Legs

Use a few curved lines below the torso to create both legs like an American football player. They should hang down as if floating underwater. For an added realistic touch, make one leg appear slightly bent at the knee compared to the other. This hint of movement enhances the sense of hovering gracefully.

How To Draw A Scuba Diver
Drawing the legs
  • Sketch legs with curved lines hanging down beneath the torso
  • Make one leg bend slightly at the knee for a realistic floating look
  • A slight leg bend enhances the sense of underwater movement

Step 6: Draw the Flipper

Start by drawing the flipper’s shoe portion using curved lines. Then, attach the full flipper to the foot and leg with a slightly curved vertical line. Finally, complete the flipper with angled horizontal lines fanning out on either side to form the wings/fins that propel the diver.

How To Draw A Scuba Diver
Drawing the flipper
  • First, draw a flipper shoe shape with curved lines
  • Attach to the leg with a slightly curved vertical line
  • Complete wings/fins fanning out with angled horizontal lines

Step 7: Congratulations! Your Scuba Diver Drawing Is Complete

Take a moment to congratulate yourself and admire your finished scuba diver illustration! Let your creation spark imaginative adventures of exploring vibrant undersea worlds. Enjoy the fruits of your artistic labor and skill gained thoughtfully following this drawing tutorial. Dive in and keep creating!

How To Draw A Scuba Diver
The drawing of a scuba diver is complete

Taking your scuba diver to the next level

Now that we are done with the sketching, we will upgrade our scuba diver with a background and color. 

Adding Background to Your Scuba Diver Drawing

A thoughtfully composed background can transport your scuba diver into an exciting undersea environment. Whether wanting to evoke dizzying depths or sun-kissed shallows, creative backgrounds let illustrations tell vivid stories.

For dark mysterious moods, sketch craggy rock structures looming behind your diver, lit eerily by beams of light filtering down from the rippling surface far above. Pepper the shadows with bits of intriguing debris – a lost diving bell, ancient urns and vases, and even glimpses of shipwrecks beckoning to be explored. Make viewers peer closer into disappearing depths. 

For brighter scenes, add undulating aquatic plants flowing in the current, home to darting tropical fish. Depict rays of sunlight dancing down, spotlighting the diver over beds of colorful coral dotted with urchins and starfish. Create majestic perspectives by including the ocean floor stretching out below. Have sea turtles, manta rays, or even a playful dolphin approach in the distance, hinting at friendly encounters.

When painting backgrounds, blend shades of blue, green, and indigo for hypnotic effects. Define rock shapes with quick brush strokes of black or gray. Capture fleeting sparking rays of golden light with fluid yellow lines. And don’t forget the bubbles! Outline streams trailing from your diver’s gear to show movement through this suddenly living seascape.

Your scuba diver goes from a floating figure to a fully immersed explorer with the right background. So, experiment with elements to invent vivid undersea worlds that spark imagination and storytelling. Let artful backdrops show off your newfound drawing talents!

Coloring Your Scuba Diver Drawing 

Adding vibrant color to your scuba diver drawing brings both gear and aquatic landscapes to life in eye-catching ways. The strategic application of bright and bold hues enhances moods from otherworldly to upbeat.

Mysterious moods call for electric neon accent colors that make diving equipment pop artificially against dark midnight blue waters. Trace the oxygen tank and mask straps in glowing greens, vivid pinks, or laser orange. Use muted steel grays on flippers and gloves to frame the supernatural glow—reserve jet blacks for deep shadows in the background. 

How To Draw A Scuba Diver
Coloring the scuba diver

Apply coral reds, seafoam greens, and sunny yellows for daylight brightness. Mimic jewel tones of tropical seas by coloring diving suit a rich royal blue scattered with shining purple and turquoise accents. Depict rays of golden sunlight beaming through from the surface. Paint the seafloor with sandy beiges and dotted with floral anemones. Capture schools of yellow and white angelfish or red snappers swimming by.

No matter the mood, strategically strengthen key lines with inks or markers after laying the initial color. Embolden the diver’s outline against the hues. Define foreground elements from backgrounds for added depth perspective. And finally, don’t forget to make air bubbles shine by gently dabbing metallic paints or glitter glue. The sparkling reflections complete visions of otherworldly splendor.  

Vibrant colors let scuba drawings leap from the page with thrilling personality. So grab an oceanic palette and embellish gear, fish, and corals alike. Imaginative new realms await beneath the surface as you shade and detail!

Bonus Tips 

Ready to elevate your scuba diver illustrations even more? Here are some playful bonus tips for imaginatively embellishing and building on our foundational drawing guide:

You can incorporate dramatic perspectives – Beyond side profiles, experiment with positioning divers in the foreground while diminishing intricate wreckage, caves, and sea creatures towards misty backgrounds. This adds depth and world-building intrigue.

Get creative with gear enhancements – Adorn oxygen tanks with steampunk-esque gauges, valves, and Turbojets. Give masks sleek, transparent digital displays. Equip flippers and gloves with elaborate hydrodynamic patterns for powered propulsion through the deeps!  

Also, depicts daring dives and poses – Scuba offers endless active possibilities beyond floating neutrally. Sketch divers photographed mid-somersault surrounded by bubbles, bravely outstretched to examine luminescent jellyfish, even riding friendly dolphins bareback rodeo-style!

Use light and shadows for mood and drama – Harness contrasts between illumination and darkness. Have beams from the surface cast your diver’s mask and gear into a partial silhouette for suspense. Let colorful aquatic life glow brightly in the surrounding obscurity. Invent playful sidekicks – Buddy up your solo scuba diver with endearing dolphins, loyal dugongs, or even unbelievable merfolk for added storytelling fun! They could collaborate exploring ruins, share air with stranded divers, or teasingly steal facemasks. Let friendly chemistry heighten adventure.

The possibilities beneath the waves are endless for imaginative embellishing. So take the plunge, building on our scuba drawing foundations until your underwater illustrations make a splash! Where will your creative currents carry you?


Through step-by-step progress, you now have the artistic skills to draw delightful scuba divers ready to dive into elaborate aquatic adventures. Whether left minimalist in technique or built up with detailed gear, dramatic perspectives, and underwater friends, let your new creations tell vivid stories limited only by imagination. Sketch away freely, applying colors, backgrounds, and playful poses until vibrant new realms emerge. Soon, friends and family will marvel at the thriving worlds your pencil or brush portrays. So believe in your vision and let artistic currents carry you deeper as you continue personifying the sea’s mysteries.

How to draw a scuba diver

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