How to draw a yacht

How To Draw A Yacht | A Fun Tutorial

It’s time to cruise the sea on a yacht. Yachts are used for nautical adventures and are a fun way to visit the open sea. Do you know that some yachts are so big that they contain a swimming pool? Isn’t that interesting?

Today, we will go on an adventure and draw a fancy yacht. Grab your pencil and paper and begin. We can assure you that it will be an exciting 30 minutes.

What you will need

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sheet of paper
  • Coloring kit
  • Ruler
  • 30 minutes

How to Draw a Yacht 

All you need to do is to follow each step without skipping. Rest assured, you’ll be having an amazing drawing by the end of this guide.

How to draw a yacht
The Complete Process

Step 1: Draw the Hull

The hull is the base of the yacht. Its structure is like a parallelogram. We’ll draw a straight horizontal line in the middle of the paper to draw the hull. Starting from where the first line ends, we’ll draw a straight vertical line slanted towards the right. This will be the side of our hull. 

We’ll draw another horizontal line the same length as the first. To draw this, we’ll put our pencil nib on the point where the vertical line ends and stretch a horizontal line.

How to draw hull of a yacht
Draw the hull of the yacht

We have to make sure that both the horizontal lines are parallel to each other. We’ll draw a slightly curved vertical line on the left side to meet both horizontal lines. The hull is ready.

Step 2: Draw the Deck and Cabin

The decks are the floor of the yacht and are present over the hull. These decks are also present on a pirate ship. To draw the decks, we’ll stretch a line that is curved from the beginning and gets straight from the end. Then, we’ll draw a vertical straight line that connects the deck to the hull from behind.

We’ll make a similar shape over the first deck but smaller. These lines represent the deck.

The cabin is where the people stay. To draw it, we’ll start by drawing a straight vertical line slanting towards the right over the deck. Then, we’ll draw a straight vertical line where the slanted line ends. Finally, we’ll connect the cabin to the deck by making another straight vertical line.

How to draw the deck and cabin of the yacht
Draw the deck and cabin

Step 3: Draw Windows

Adding windows will make our yacht look great. We’ll draw two horizontal rectangles on the cabin and the upper deck that we drew in the previous step. These rectangles run across the length of the deck and cabin. 

The rectangles represent the windows from where people can peek out and enjoy the sea view. We’ll make sure that no line of the rectangle overlaps the deck or cabin. 

How to draw windows of a yacht
Draw windows

Step 4: Draw the railing

Every yacht has a railing as a safety feature for the tourists. We’ll draw a straight line over the hull to draw the railings. These railings are not a part of a row boat or a canoe. This line must be parallel to the hull. 

Have you ever seen sticks standing in the upright position? You sure have. Imagining the same scenario, we’ll draw small vertical lines inside the line we drew. These features have added more beauty to our yacht.

How to draw the railings of a yacht
Draw the railings

Step 5: Draw light and wind tower

We’ll draw a square over the right side of the cabin to draw the light, which will serve as the base. Over this square, we’ll draw an upright semi-circle, like a cherry on top of a cake. This structure represents the light of our yacht.

Now, we will make the wind tower. To draw this, we’ll draw a straight vertical line over the left side of the cabin. We’ll draw a straight horizontal line over this line as if it is resting on the vertical line. It’ll give us a “T” shape for the wind tower.

How to draw light and wind tower of a yacht
Draw light and wind tower

Step 6: Draw windows on the hull

Now, we will give our yacht a cozy look. Just like our houses have windows for the light to come in, similarly, the yacht has windows for the people to see the magnificent views of the sea.

To draw the windows, we’ll draw several small-sized rectangles across the length of the hull. To give our yacht an organized look, we’ll make rectangles in an orderly manner rather than making them randomly anywhere on the hull. If our windows are not of the same size, we’ll erase them and draw again. We’ll use a ruler to take the measurements so we can make the same-sized windows.

How to draw windows on the hull of a yacht
Draw windows on the hull

Step 7: The yacht is completed

Congratulations, our yacht is ready to sail. It’s an easy and efficient process, isn’t it? In just a few minutes, we’ve drawn an amazing drawing.

We are confident that you have followed each step and your drawing is as good as ours or even greater. If you think your results haven’t satisfied you, give it another try. Ultimately, you will have an amazing drawing. 

How to draw a yacht
Yacht is completed

Taking your yacht drawing to the next level 

The outline of our drawing is all set. But doesn’t it seem unlively?  It sure does. We need to add more details to it. These details could include a background, colors, and other things. In this section, we will upgrade the drawing and make it professional. This section requires your artistic skills. Upgrading your drawing is a fun process.

Adding background to your drawing 

A background will give our drawing a 3D look. The yachts are for adventures in the sea. So it will be great if we add sea as our background. We’ll draw several wavy lines under the base of the yacht to draw the sea. The wavy lines represent the ocean currents. 

What happens when the yacht cruises at a high speed? The water around it splashes with enormous force. To capture that image on our paper, we will draw splashing waves near the front side of the hull. It will look like our yacht is cruising at a high speed in the sea.

How to draw a yacht
Adding background

Adding colors to your drawing 

Colors will give our drawing new life. It will add energy to the whole scene, making the drawing look scenic. 

Add real colors to your drawing. Like color the sun yellow or slightly orange. Color the ocean blue. You can use any color of choice for the yacht that soothes your eyes. You can use any coloring tool to color your drawing. Just make sure no color crosses the boundary of your drawing else it’ll look messy. Use your coloring skills and give your drawing the final touch.

How to draw a yacht
Adding colors

P.S Bonus Tips

Creativity and imagination have no limits. We can customize our yacht the way we want. We can add multiple things to our yacht. It’ll make our yacht unique and appealing. We can write our name on the yacht so others can know who knows the yacht. We can add a banner to the yacht like we added to a battleship.

How can we not add the fish? We can draw fish in the sea. We want this drawing to be scenic and catchy. Adding a sunset would serve this purpose. 

We’ll begin drawing a sun at the top right corner of the paper. We can use any round lid to draw a perfect circle. If we don’t have the lid, we’ll use the freehand technique to draw the circle. As the sun is setting, we’ll draw rays as well coming out of the sun. We can make these rays by drawing small vertical lines outside the sun.

To make it picture-perfect, we can add a reflection of the sun in the sea. 


Congratulations, young artists, on this remarkable journey. You have made your yacht amazingly using your creative minds. We are sure you had so much fun.

Now, we will recap the entire process for you. We drew the hull at the beginning. After making the hull, we made decks and a cabin over the hull. We added windows to our yacht for the people to have a scenic view. After drawing the windows, we drew the railings over the base of our yacht, the hull. Then we made the light and wind tower, followed by making windows on the hull. 

After making our basic drawing, we upgraded our drawing by adding several details.

How to draw a yacht

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