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How to Draw a Speedboat | Step-By-Step Guide

The first motorboat was invented in the late 19th century, with many attributing its creation to Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1886. Over time, motorboats evolved into the modernized speedboat through advancements in engine technology, hull design, materials, and overall construction techniques.

This evolution occurred throughout the 20th century as engineers and boat manufacturers sought to improve speed, maneuverability, safety features, and overall performance of these watercrafts.

Today’s speedboats feature powerful engines capable of reaching high speeds on the water while providing a comfortable and thrilling ride for boating enthusiasts.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a realistic depiction of a modernized speedboat in 8 easy steps!

What You Will Need

  • Drawing pencils (2b, 3b, or 5b)
  • An eraser
  • A sheet of paper or sketchbook
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Coloring Supplies
  • 25-30 minutes
StepsComplexity Level
The Hull2
The Gunwhale1
The Outboard Motor2
The Propeller3
The Speedboat’s Window3
The Gearbox2
Design Overview Table

how to draw a speedboat

While it may seem a bit daunting at first glance, drawing a speedboat is totally achievable with a little time, patience and dedication.

Before you begin, be sure to check out the image below for an outline of all the steps you will be doing. Make sure you have everything you’ll need on hand, find a quiet area to get yourself in the zone, and without any further delay, get started!

Step-by-step process on how to draw a speedboat
Outline of a speedboat drawing

Step 1: Draw the Hull

To get the most of your design, flip your drawing paper onto a landscape orientation so that you have more room to sketch. Start by drawing the hull, which is also known as the body of the speedboat. First, draw a long rectangular shape on the middle of your page.

Create a pointed tip of the left side of the rectangle, and a smooth curved edge on the top right corner. Connect the top line with the bottom on the right side using a straight vertical line, and make sure the horizontal line on the upper part of the rectangular shape is slightly wavy.

  • Flip your drawing paper onto a landscape orientation
  • Start by drawing a rectangular shape on the middle of your page
  • Curve the sides of the rectangle
  • Draw a sharp pointed tip on the left side and a smoothly rounded curve on the right
The speedboat’s hull

Step 2: Draw the Gunwhale

Next, you need to draw the gunwhale. This is the upper edge of a speedboat’s side, where the hull meets the deck. It serves multiple purposes, including providing structural support, acting as a platform for attaching equipment or accessories like fenders and cleats, and ensuring water does not enter the boat during rough conditions.

In order to complete this step, start by drawing a wavy horizontal line above the top of your hull. Ensure that there’s a small amount of space in between the line and the hull.

Additionally, the curves of the line should follow the same pattern as the curves of the upper part of the hull.

  • Draw a wavy horizontal line above the hull
  • Make sure there’s a small space in between the line and hull
  • Ensure that the curves match the curves of the hull’s top line
Hull and gunwhale added to speedboat drawing

Step 3: Draw the outboard motor

An outboard motor is a self-contained propulsion system that usually consists of an engine, gearbox, and propeller, all mounted on the outside of the boat.

To complete this step, draw a small rectangle attached to the top-side of the hull at the back of the speedboat. Create a curvy vertical line on the outer side of the motor, and ensure that it covers about a third of the side’s length.

  • Draw a small rectangle at the back of the speedboat
  • Add some curves to the outer side of the rectangle
  • Make sure the shape ends before the edge/corner of the hull
Speedboat drawing with an outboard motor

Step 4: Draw the Propeller

A propeller is a device with two or more blades that rotate and spin rapidly to generate enough force to move the speedboat through the water.

First, start by drawing a small cone below the outboard motor, making sure that the top is wider than the bottom. At the base, draw a thin horizontal rectangle that extends to the right.

Finally, draw a thin vertical rectangle against the edge of the rectangle you just finished. Follow the image below for an estimate of the dimensions you need to aim for.

  • Start by drawing a cone underneath the outboard motor
  • Draw a thin horizontal rectangle on the right side of the cone
  • Finish the propeller by adding a thin vertical rectangle next to the horizontal one
Hull, gunwhale, outboard motor and propellor of a speedboat

Step 5: Draw the windshield

Because speedboats can go exceptionally fast, they need a sturdy windshield at the helm to protect the captain and passengers from strong winds, water, and other elements.

First, find the middle of the speedboat. Then, draw a semi-big “n” shape above the gunwhale. Make sure the horizontal line has a smooth curve and that the corners on the left of the shape are nice and sharp.

Then, draw two diagonal lines within the shapen, not too far from the left side.

  • Draw a curved “n” shape on top of the middle part of the gunwhale
  • Ensure that the top of the shape is smooth while the corners on the left are sharp
  • Draw two diagonal lines within the shape
Windshield added to the speedboat drawing

Step 6: Draw the gearbox

The gearbox is used to control the transfer of power from the engine to the propeller. It allows for smooth shifting between gears, enabling the boat to attain different speeds and handle variations in water conditions effectively.

To complete this step, start by drawing a big square above the outboard motor and the edge of the gunwhale. Make sure that the upper line of the square has a rounded curve.

  • Draw the gearbox above the outboard motor and gunwhale
  • Add a rounded curve on the upper line of the gearbox
  • Erase any lines that may overlap with the outboard motor or the gunwhale
Add the gearbox to the speedboat drawing

congratulations! your speedboat drawing is complete

Give your drawing hand a well-deserved break as you assess the quality of your drawing.

Correct any errors you made and improve them. If your drawing resembles ours straight off the bat or is even better, well done!

Black and white speedboat sketch

Taking your Drawing to the Next Level

While you’ve accomplished an amazing feat by drawing a speedboat, there are still ways to improve the illustration and enhance its overall quality.

Step 7: Adding A background

Adding a background elevates a drawing by leaps and bounds because it provides depth and engagement in the form of storytelling. As you decide which background to add to your drawing, first decide what story you’re trying to tell.

We have decided to make our storyline a touch realistic by placing our speedboat on a large body of water. If you like the look of this background, be sure to add it to yours!

Draw a semi-large circle on the upper right corner of your page. This will represent the sun. You can get a coin, a compass, or any circular object as a guide for this step. You can also add birds by drawing small, connected curve lines in front of the sun.

Add a wavy outline around the bottom of your speedboat, and then fill it up with some shapes that resemble sideway droplets of water.

Step 8: Add A background
Added Background to the Speedboat drawing

Step 8: adding color

Similar to a good background, adding color enhances a drawing by making it appealing to the eye. Different colors on a drawing also compliment different elements.

You can use any colors you want to customize your speedboat, though to make it look great, use realistic colors for the background. For example, use yellow for the sun, black or brown for the birds, blue for the ocean and light blue for the waves.

Our Colored Speedboat

bonus tips

Check out similar tutorials for some added inspiration on background ideas or your next possible sketch. We have a diverse range to scour through, like a rowboat, ski boat, or sailboat tutorial.

Use different colors for different parts of the speedboat to highlight and compliment each individual component.

Add a flag to the back of your speedboat with any name of your choosing a personalized touch.

Add some distinctive features of what you could assume to be associated with a speedboat sketch, like a seashore, another speedboat, clouds or sea creatures.


Today you’ve not only learnt some history about the invention of the modernized speedboat, but you’ve also learnt how to draw one and the benefits of adding a compelling background and some color to a sketch.

We’d like to commend and applaud your hard work by saying, well done! We’re super proud of the fact that you’ve managed to complete all of the steps.

Remember, improvement takes practice, time and commitment. There are many other drawing tutorials to get started on. From Edits101 to you, see you next time!

Conclusion image on How to Draw a Speedboat
How to Draw a Speedboat
Visual Speedboat Drawing Tutorial

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This drawing tutorial provides rudamentary step by step instructions on how to draw a speedboat and enhance the quality of the drawing with added color and a background.

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