How to draw a ski boat

How To Draw A Ski Boat | Easy Guide

Today, we have brought another unique drawing for you guys. Are you ready to explore the ocean while drawing a ski boat?

Wakeboarding and ski boats are also referred to as tow boats. These vessels are built with inboard motors. One hundred forty-five water skiers have been towed by a single boat in the world record. In 1922, water skiing was created. There must be at least two people in the tow boat for safety.  When water skiing was included in the Olympic program in 1972, it gained even more legitimacy. 

What you will need

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sheet of paper
  • Coloring kit
  • Ruler
  • 30 minutes

Draw a ski boat

Ensure you have all your art supplies because we are exploring an artistic adventure. The following steps will show you how a ski board is made.

The Procedure

Step 1: Draw the main body

In our first step, as always, we will start by drawing the base that is the main body of our ski boat. To make the ski boat’s main body, we will draw a horizontal rectangle in the center of the page that will act as a base shape. Extend two horizontal lines in the center of the page for the rectangle and join these parallel horizontal lines with two vertical lines. Note that this rectangle will be a little tilted.

Now, it’s time to mold this rectangle into the main body of our ski boat. To do that, narrow down the right side of the rectangle to make it look pointed, as in the image. Also, cut the lower left corner of the rectangle and join it with an angled line.

How to draw the main body
The Main Body

Remember to erase the extra lines properly so they won’t leave a mark.

Step 2: Draw the base

The second step is easy. All you have to do is double-line the upper front part of the body as a baseline to make the front part strong.

How to draw the base
The Base

Step 3: Draw the back barrier

This step is complicated, but do not worry, kids; we are here to help you. First, draw a small line on the top of our baseline. Then, we will proceed to draw the back barrier. As for the name, it will be drawn on the back side of the main body. Draw a trapezium over the top of the rear part of the body.

To illustrate the trapezium’s longer base, draw a straight line. This will be the starting point. Draw a second, shorter line parallel to the first one, starting at one end. This will be the trapezium’s shorter base. Draw straight lines to join the ends of the two lines you drew in stages two and three. It is necessary to skew these lines. Draw a straight line connecting the summits of the diagonal lines. This will create the trapezium’s upper side.

How t draw the back barrier
The Back Barrier

Now, draw horizontal lines in the cross-section of the trapezium. Lastly, draw some angular lines behind the trapezium to give a 3D effect to our back barrier. The jet ski is faster than a rowboat and a sailboat.

Step 4: Draw the details on the main body

Now, it’s time to add some details to the main body of the boat. For the details, add some curved lines on the main body. These curved lines will be drawn horizontally. Two lines on the upper side and one line on the lower part.

How to draw the details of the main body
Details on the Main Body

Step 5: Draw the windows

We will draw windows for the cabin as the people riding a boat must look out of the cabin during boat skiing. To make the windows, draw a parallelogram on the front side of the cabin. If you don’t know how to draw a parallelogram, we are here to guide you. Make two horizontal parallel lines and join these horizontal parallel lines with two slanted parallel vertical lines. There you have it, a parallelogram as your cabin window. You can also draw a square or simple rectangle as a cabin window.

How to draw the windows
The Windows

For the second window, on the side of the cabin, draw a trapezium, and instructions on how to draw a trapezium are given in step 3.

Step 6: Your ski boat is ready

Well, it is done! Your drawing is complete. This ski boat is ready to go into the water and explore the world of the ocean. As mentioned in the steps, we are so excited and hopeful that you created a spectacular image. You can make mistakes when drawing, so give it another look after completion. If it doesn’t look right, erase it and make it better; then, use an outliner to make it look 100 times better.

How to draw ski boat
Ski Boat is Ready

Wait to put your things away. The real fun is about to begin. We will make your drawing from looking like a drawing to a masterpiece picture.

Taking your Ski Boat drawing to the next level

Our drawing looks very plain and mundane. This is the part where we will explore the world of our imagination and make an outstanding piece of art. You’ll need to practice, experiment, and be prepared to push the boundaries to improve your drawing. First, continue to practice often to hone your technical skills, being mindful of perspective, proportions, and details. Learning about anatomy and looking at the surrounding area to better understand form and structure. Try different tools and techniques (pencil, ink, computer tools, or a combination) and find what works. 

Grab your stationery and unfold your creativity.

Adding background to your drawing

Your image will have depth if you add a background. It gives it a more lifelike appearance, leaving the audience with strong feelings. It also enables the spectator to visualize the picture in his mind. The background of an artwork is the region that highlights and supports the main subject matter. It includes every aspect of the piece and might be either actual objects and people or negative space.

How to draw ski boat
Adding Background

You can add water under the ski boat. A blue sky can never go wrong with our drawing. You can also add a person enjoying his ski in the water and many other things to complete the picture, as the choices are limitless.

Adding color to your drawing

Your picture appears lifeless; to brighten it up, we will add color, as we find nature appealing due to its abundance of eye-catching hues. Different colors can have an impact on an artwork’s mood. Our initial reaction to a piece of art is its mood. Colors can be used to set the ambiance, either warm or frigid, to get the desired feelings in our artwork. When art is not in bloom, much of its significance is lost. Vibrant landscapes will replace dull traces in your image. To make it appear more realistic, always choose appropriate colors. However, you can use any color you want for the items that permit it.

Let us add some colors to the drawing. You can color the sky blue. You can color the boat any color you like. You can use different shades of blue to color the water to give it a realistic effect.

How to draw ski boat
Adding Colors

Make sure to use different colors in your picture to make it so much better to look at. You can also color the back barrier with a metallic color. Windows are typically colored blue, but you can always color whatever you like. 

P.S. Bonus Tips

Our drawing is completed, and we’re sure you enjoyed it as much as we did. As mentioned earlier, there’s no limit to one’s creativity. The drawing can be upgraded in any way. We added background and colors, but there’s more you can do.

You can add a flag on the top of the boat. You can also make some designs and patterns on the main body of the boat. You could add some fish jumping around the boat. You can also add a shining sun in the sky with some birds. These are very few ideas, but as we know, we can do anything, so don’t limit yourself to these ideas. Remember, do not put everything in your drawing that comes to your mind. It will look overwhelming. Add a few things that go with the storyline for your drawing.


Our drawing is done. It was a fun and easy process. We’re sure you followed each step without skipping and made a fantastic drawing. We will do a quick review of what we did. We started by making the main body, adding the base, drawing the details, the back barrier, and the windows. 

Remember that drawing is a great way to express your originality and intelligence. You will also find that the more you sketch, the more ideas pour through your mind. Recalling them will be very helpful in ensuring that the artwork is distinctively yours. 

How to draw a ski boat

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