How To Draw A Wrestling Ring

How To Draw A Wrestling Ring | An Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

A wrestling ring is a specially designed platform used for professional wrestling matches. It is the central arena where wrestlers compete and perform various maneuvers in the scripted and choreographed sport of professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling rings are standardized in size, but variations may exist based on different wrestling promotions and styles. The construction and design prioritize the safety of the wrestlers while allowing for the dynamic and theatrical nature of professional wrestling performances. Wrestling rings are central to the spectacle of professional wrestling, providing the canvas for storytelling, athleticism, and entertainment.

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Draw the platform3
Draw the corner bars2
Draw the rope pads2
Draw the ropes3
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What You Will Need

  • Sketchbook or drawing paper
  • Pencils (preferably HB and 2B)
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Colored pencils or markers for coloring

How to draw a wrestling ring

Drawing a wrestling ring can be fun and creative for art enthusiasts and fans. This step-by-step guide will draw a wrestling ring, breaking down each element into easy-to-follow steps. So, grab your sketchbook, and we will get started on creating your own wrestling ring masterpiece!

How To Draw A Wrestling Ring
Our steps

Step 1: Draw the Platform

The wrestling ring is typically elevated above the ground and consists of a square or rectangular platform with sturdy steel support structures underneath. The perimeter of the ring is surrounded by ropes, which are not ordinary ropes but cables covered with a softer material. These ropes serve as a boundary for the match and a tool for performers to bounce off or use in their maneuvers.

Start your wrestling ring by lightly sketching a large rectangle or square near the center of your page using straight lines. This forms the fundamental platform providing stable footing for grappling theatrical combat within raised ropes still to come.

How To Draw A Wrestling Ring
Drawing the platform

Mind the measurements to allow room for intricate corner infrastructure and bounding ropes ahead. Feel free to embellish platforms with texture lines or patterns resembling natural coverings like foam mats or wooden boards used in arena setups. Build visually solid foundations!

  • Lightly sketch the central rectangle/square for the core platform
  • Mind gaps for later rope and corner infrastructure
  • Embellish with textures resembling foam mats or wood boards

Step 2: Draw the Corner Bars

The top surface of the wrestling ring is covered by a canvas, providing a secure and padded area for the wrestlers to perform. The canvas is stretched tightly over the ring to prevent tripping or catching feet during the match. Turnbuckles: Turnbuckles are the corner posts of the ring where the ropes are attached. They often serve as focal points for specific movements and can be adjusted to tighten or loosen the ropes: The apron is the ring area that extends beyond the strings but is still within the boundary of the support structure. Wrestlers may use the apron for specific moves or to interact with the audience.

How To Draw A Wrestling Ring
Drawing the corner bars

A defined platform conveys vertical structure and elevation through simplified corner bars. Lightly sketch small circles at each outer corner of the central shape. Connect these with straight lines to create simple pillars that will soon anchor elastic ropes. Consider slightly tapering the width of these initial corner bar lines to hint at real 3D cylinders receding into imagined backgrounds. Evolve flat lines toward dimensional pillars and posts supporting suspended perimeter ropes ahead.

  • Lightly draw small corner circles connected by lines
  • Thin out the widths to hint at actual 3D forms receding
  • Supportive pillars will soon anchor elastic ropes

Step 3: Draw the Rope Pads

Beneath the canvas, there is usually a layer of padding and plywood or similar material to provide shock absorption for the performers. Vertical posts at each corner of the ring support the turnbuckles and are crucial for the structure’s overall stability.

Now, nestle a more extensive circle shape concentrically outside each initial small corner circle to represent protective pad covers shielding elastic cables and human combatants during dramatic throws and collisions. Aim for identical sizes on all sides – an audience views wrestling rings as geometrically uniform stages amplifying the performed theater within. Refine circles until they are balanced as strong anchor points for the soon-to-be-added ropes.

How To Draw A Wrestling Ring
Drawing the rope pads
  • Large concentric circles represent padded covers
  • Identical sizes and spacing frame as a uniform stage
  • Rope anchor points with structural measure

Step 4: Draw the Ropes

Finally, connect each stacked circle pair with pairs on adjacent corners using long, straight lines to form the iconic elastic ropes defining the wrestling arena space—sketch lines slightly angled and tensed to enclose the central battleground where performative combat unfolds.

Traditions call for 3-4 rope layers but feel free to customize your vision through varying heights, numbers, and visible tension. Erase underlying guides until only crisply inked rings remain, dynamic platforms ready to enhance vivid wrestling scenes!

How To Draw A Wrestling Ring
Drawing the ropes
  • Connect circle pairs with straight lines as ropes
  • Angle and tension lines to enclose active battleground
  • Customize heights, numbers, and visible elastic forces

Step 5: Congratulations! Your Ring Drawing is Complete

With the ropes in place, your wrestling ring is now complete. Take a moment to admire your work and celebrate your achievement. If you’re satisfied with the black-and-white version, you can stop here. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, let’s move on to the next step: coloring. 

How To Draw A Wrestling Ring
The wrestling ring is complete

Taking the Drawing to the Next Level

To elevate your wrestling ring drawing, consider adding a background. You can sketch an audience, spotlights, or even the wrestling arena itself—experiment with shading to create depth and dimension, bringing your drawing to life.

Adding Background to Your Wrestling Ring Drawing

Honoring a small-town high school gym or visualizing global WrestleMania spectacles, thoughtfully composed backgrounds immerse wrestling ring drawings in atmospheres electrifying competitive drama! Frame stark platforms and ropes against textured wall patterns resembling venue brick, concrete, and paneling. Populate stands with passionate fans sporting hand-painted signs declaring allegiances. Spotlight fighters poised atop turnbuckles playing to cheering crowds before leaping into battle!

For local charm, reference photos of community gymnasiums to recreate details like scoreboards with dangling sponsorship banners, folded-up basketball hoops along far walls, and double doors for dramatic surprise challenger entrances. For significant events, surround yourself with elaborately decorated aisles and Jumbotrons flashing custom graphics timed to soundtrack pyrotechnics! If imaginatively staging an intergalactic alien championship, compose appropriately scaled-up extraterrestrial arenas! Build towering vortex rings on asteroid surfaces or hovering anti-gravity platforms with forcefields containing combustive high-octane bouts! Let backgrounds set stages where creativity and combat fuse into visionary realms!

Coloring Your Wrestling Ring Drawing

Strategic colors allow key wrestling ring components to exhibit stylistic grandeur. For realism, use matte grays and browns to convey wooden table fragility within anchors of glimmering silver polished metal corner posts and jet black rope pads picking up spotlights. Shift palettes during matches with crimson blood, purple welts, and green mist spectacle attacks!

How To Draw A Wrestling Ring
Adding color

In cosmic domains, embrace loud neon rainbow palettes on ropes trader in unearthly opalescent mystics against dark interstellar voids filled with flashes of supernova explosions and hyperspace-ripped wormholes! Make alien crowds don ultraviolet facepaints while carrying holographic logo signs that alternate tones with crowd noise pitch! Let colors intensify combat theatrics!

Bonus Tips

The wrestling ring is a carefully designed and standardized platform used in professional wrestling, featuring a steel framework underneath a canvas surface. With a standard size of 20 feet by 20 feet and an elevated structure, the ring provides a raised platform for wrestling matches, ensuring visibility for both live audiences and television broadcasts. The hidden steel cables in the ropes give them elasticity, allowing performers to utilize them for dynamic maneuvers. Adjustable turnbuckles and an apron area add versatility to matches, while the underneath padding provides some cushioning for wrestler safety.

Take drawings further by increasing environmental scale until rings become front row-enveloping spectacles, engineering visible under-ring trap doors for dramatic surprise appearances, depicting rings elevated on risky heights or integrated into moving vehicles for death-defying stakes, designing elaborate wrestler costume themes based on personal identities from pirates to dinosaurs, even creating tables sized for battle royal team rumbles! The possibilities are endless, so imagine bigger!


We will revise what we did in this guide; first, we drew the platform, then the corner bars, the rope pads, and the ropes. Through gradual revelation from flat planes towards fully formed interactive spaces, we now understand fundamental building blocks that can evolve into spectacular environmental story stages. Revisit practices with patience and belief until visions spill effortlessly from the mind through willing hands to the page portal. Stay present in creative journeys without judgment. In time, currents carry all spirits forward stroke by stroke!

How To Draw A Wrestling Ring

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