How to Draw a Softball Bat

How to Draw a Softball Bat | Step-by-Step Guide

If you have been to a softball game or watched one on TV, you may have seen that the game is very different from soccer. The batter hits the ball using a bat. This bat is what is known as a softball bat. It is a smooth, metal, or wooden club that is used to hit the ball after it is thrown by the pitcher.

When compared to baseball bats, softball bats are about an inch longer. The average length of a softball bat is 34 inches. Even so, most players prefer shorter bats that are 31 to 32 inches long. There are also different types of softball bats. In our tutorial, we will be drawing a basic softball bat so that you have a better understanding of how to draw a realistic bat. Before we dive into the artistic process, let’s gather our supplies.

Drawing the Knob, Handle & Grip3
Drawing the Barrel2
Adding Decorations 1
Coloring the Drawing1
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What You Will Need

  • A piece of drawing paper
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Colored pencils or markers (for the final touch)
  • 10 Minutes

How to Draw a Softball Bat: Step by Step

Drawing a softball bat is very easy and exciting. To make sure you are able to keep up with our steps without making a mistake that may cause you to start over, we recommend that you study the below image. It contains all the steps we will be taking to complete the drawing of a softball bat.

How to Draw a Softball Bat
How to Draw a Softball Bat

Step 1: Draw the Knob, Handle, and the Grip

We’ll begin by drawing the handle of our softball bat. It’s essential to get the proportions right so as to end up with a realistic softball bat. Here is what we are going to do.

We are first going to add the knob. The knob is the topmost part of a softball bat. It helps enhance the player’s grip and keeps the bat from slipping off the hands after a swing. For this, we are going to draw a diagonal rectangle at the bottom left corner of our drawing paper. Make the corners of the rectangle rounded.

We are then going to add the handle. This is where the player grips the bat. For this, we will add a diagonal tube-like structure starting from the knob and rising about a quarter the height of the drawing paper. Make sure the tube-like structure is not wider than the knob.

With the knob and handle ready, we are only left with adding the grip. The grip is a covering around the handle. It is made of rubber or leather so as to absorb shock when the ball hits the bat. The grip also improves the grip of the batter. To draw the grip, we will simply draw diagonal lines along the length of the handle.

  • Sketch the knob at the bottom left corner.
  • Draw a tube-like structure for the handle
  • Draw the grip by adding lines along the length of the handle
How to Draw a Softball Bat
Draw the Knob, Handle, and Grip

Step 2: Draw the Barrel

The next thing we are going to draw is the barrel. This is the part of the softball bat that strikes the ball (the ball is smaller than a soccer ball). It is believed that the longer the barrel is, the more area the player has for making contact with the pitched ball. All the same, most players prefer a barrel with a smaller diameter because it is lighter and offers better speeds when swinging. The length of the barrel varies by league.

To draw the barrel, we will first draw a diagonal rectangle that is parallel to the handle. The rectangle should start at the end of the handle and extend to close to the top right corner of the drawing paper. You can use your ruler to achieve straight lines.

We are then going to make the barrel thinner on the end that connects to the handle. The width should narrow gradually until it is the same width as the handle. You can use diagonal lines starting from the middle of the barrel and bend them to connect to the outside of the handle. Use your eraser to remove the lines that sit outside the diagonal lines.

  • Draw a rectangle that connects to the handle
  • Make the part of the barrel that connects to the handle narrower
How to Draw a Softball Bat
Draw the Barrel

Step 3: Add Some Details

You would get away with it if you left your drawing as it is. The truth is it is too basic and being basic means it is pretty boring. To become a great artist, you have to be willing to add the tiny details that will transform your basic drawing into a realistic softball bat.

To turn the bat into a softball bat, we are going to add a very simple detail: a V-shaped detail on the barrel. At the point where the barrel starts narrowing, add two diagonal lines that connect to form a V-shape.

  • Add a V-shape in the middle of the barrel
How to Draw a Softball Bat
Add Decorations

Step 4: Congratulations! Your Drawing is Ready.

You’ve made it! You now have a fantastic softball bat illustration. Take a minute to admire your handy work. If your drawing doesn’t look exactly like ours, you don’t need to be discouraged. You will notice a significant improvement on your next attempt at drawing a softball bat.

How to Draw a Softball Bat
Our Bat is Ready

Take the Drawing to the Next Level

While our drawing looks great, you can still elevate it further by adding a few more details. Some of the things you can consider doing include adding some background details. You can add a softball below the bat or draw a softball field. In our case, we don’t want to make things so complicated that you end up being confused. That is why we are only going to add one crucial detail: color. Needless to say, the extra touches will make your artwork pop.

Step 5: Color

As you may already know, softball bats come in various shades. There is no limit to the colors you can add to your softball bat. Keep in mind that this is your drawing and you can color it the way you want. It is all up to your imagination. Grab your colored pencils or markers and have fun! Make sure the colors don’t spill outside the areas you are coloring. Here is what we did to our drawing.

How to Draw a Softball Bat
Color Your Softball Bat


Drawing a softball bat is not only educational but also incredibly fun. This step-by-step guide has taken you through the entire process. We started by using a diagonal rectangle to add the knob and then a tube-like structure to form the handle. For the barrel, we first drew a rectangle on top of the handle then made the end next to the handle narrower. We advanced our drawing by adding a V-shaped detail on the barrel and then colored the drawing.

Never forget that art is all about expressing yourself and having fun. Keep drawing and you will notice your skills getting better with time.

How to Draw a Softball Bat
How to Draw a Softball Bat

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