How to Draw a Soccer Jersey

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey | Easy Guide

Drawing a soccer jersey seems difficult, doesn’t it? There is the collar to think about, the sleeves and not to forget the patterns. In today’s lesson, we shall be looking at a very simple way of drawing a soccer jersey. But first, let’s understand what jerseys are for.

As you may have already guessed or known, soccer jerseys are part of the soccer player’s uniform. They help distinguish the players of one team from the other when on the field. The jerseys are also popular among fans. You can wear the jersey of your favorite team to show support. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can draw a beautiful soccer jersey also referred to as a football jersey.

What You Will Need

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A drawing piece of paper
  • Coloring supplies
  • 30 minutes

How to Draw a Football Jersey

As you will find out, drawing a soccer jersey mostly relies on the use of curved lines. That is why we did not include a ruler in the list of things you will need. To give you a glimpse of what we will be doing, below is an image with all the steps we will be following. Study it keenly so that you can anticipate our steps.

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey
Steps Involved in Drawing a Soccer Jersey

Step 1: Draw the Sleeves of the Jersey

The first thing we are going to draw is the sleeves. We will not be able to do a great job if we don’t include the top part of the soccer jersey. Here is what we are going to do.

From the top part of your drawing paper, use your pencil to draw the left sleeve. For this, we will add a diagonal line starting from the middle part of the drawing paper and slanting it towards the left. This will form the structure for the shoulder. We will then slant the line further so that it can be vertical. Extend it slightly to the left and downwards. To complete the right sleeve, curve the line so that it slants to the right slightly then curves upwards, slightly.

For the left sleeve, we will do the same thing only that the lines will be slanting in the opposite direction. Try and make the left sleeve as identical to the right sleeve as possible. This is in terms of size and position. Your drawing should look something like this.

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey
Draw the Sleeves

Step 2: Draw the Collar

Now that the sleeves and the shoulders of the soccer jersey are ready, we are going to add a very important part of a t-shirt; the collar. You cannot wear a football jersey without a collar, can you? Adding the collar is very easy. We will need a couple more curved lines.

The first thing we are going to add is the collar stand. This is the back part of the T-shirt. It is the lower part of the collar that stabilizes the collar. To add this, we are going to start by adding a curved line that connects the left shoulder to the right shoulder. We will then add another short line beneath the curved line to complete the collar stand. 

For the collar, we will add a V-shaped design beneath the collar stand. Start by adding a small mark a few inches below the collar stand. The mark will serve as our guide. Next, from the left side of the collar stand, draw a line that curves downwards and connects with the marker. Add another line starting from the right side of the collar stand and connect to the marker. The outer part of the collar is now ready.

To advance our collar, add similar curved lines on the inside of the first V-shaped shape. The second line should leave an equal distance around. Our drawing should now look like this.

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey
Add a Collar

Make sure there are no lines that are overlapping. If there are, erase them. You should also ensure the V-shape you added for the collar is as proportional as possible. One side should not appear to be bigger than the other.

Step 3: Draw the Body

The next part is very easy. We will be adding the body of the T-shirt. This is the lower part of the T-shirt that covers the torso of the player. It is also the part where we will be adding the patterns for our soccer jersey.

To draw the body, we are going to start by adding the right hem. For this, we will use a curved line that starts from the inner part of the right sleeve, curves slightly towards the right at the middle then towards the left at the bottom. We will repeat this process for the left hem only that the line will curve slightly towards the left in the middle.

For the body hem, the lower part of the T-shirt that folds inside the fabric, we will add a line that connects the bottom parts of the curved lines so that the body of the jersey is complete. The body hem doesn’t need to be too smooth. It can slightly curve upwards or be wavy.

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey
Add the Bottom Part of the Jersey

If you have been to a professional soccer match, you may have seen that most jerseys have logos of popular brands. The logo on the T-shirt will be from the brand that is sponsoring the team. It is not uncommon to have multiple logos when a team has multiple sponsors. For our team, their sponsor will be Nike (an American athletic footwear and apparel corporation). We have selected this brand because it is very easy to draw their logo. Their logo is a lone swoosh. This is more of a tick, similar to the one you get in your mats test when the answer is correct.

We will be adding the lone swoosh to the right, upper part of the soccer jersey. To do so, simply use curved lines to add a shape similar to the one we have here. Make sure the shape is not too big because we will be adding more details to our jersey.

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey
Add a Logo

Step 5: Draw the Body Hem

The bottom part of your t-shirts is usually reinforced not just to add a design but also to make it stronger. We will be adding a single wavy line above the body hem. The line you add should be parallel to the line we added earlier for the bottom part of the soccer jersey.

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey
Draw the Hem

Step 6: Draw the Patterns

We don’t want our jersey to be boring. That is why we need to add some patterns that will move it from a standard T-shirt to a beautiful soccer jersey. For this, we will be playing a bit with lines.

In our drawing, we used a combination of curved and diagonal lines to add some pattern to the t-shirt. Here is what we did to our drawing. You can do more if you want. The key, however, is not to overdo it else the look of your jersey will be ruined.

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey
Add Some Decoration

Step 7: Draw the Jersey Number

Soccer players have numbers on their jerseys. The purpose of the numbers is to help both the media and fans distinguish players from the stands. For example, the Jersey Number of Cristiano Ronaldo is 7. Even when he is far from the fans, the large jersey number on the back of his jersey will help fans identify him. On the front of the jersey, there is a small jersey number. This is the number we will be adding.

Since I am a big fan of Neymar, I will be adding the number 10 as the Jersey Number. Lionel Messi also wears the number 10. The number will be located on the left side of the jersey. Who is your favorite soccer player? You can add their number.  

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey
Add the Jersey Number

Step 8: Refine Your Drawing

Our soccer jersey is now ready. Congratulations on your hard work. If you don’t like the way your jersey looks, you can improve it by erasing the areas you don’t like and redoing them. Keep in mind that the drawing doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. You will notice a significant improvement on your second attempt. The more you practice the better you will get.

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey
Our Jersey So Far

Take the Drawing to the Next Level

While it is okay to leave the drawing as it is, we are not going to do that. We want you to become a great artist. We will now be showing you how to make your drawing stand out.

Color the Drawing

There is a lot that can be done to advance your soccer jersey drawing. However, since nobody is wearing it, we will not be able to add a background. We will, instead, color the drawing. Take out your coloring supplies and add color to your drawing. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it? That would not have been possible without color.

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey
Final Results


Drawing a soccer jersey can be challenging if you don’t know how to do it right. To make it easy for you to draw your jersey, we started by using curved lines to add the sleeves. We then used a V-shape for the collar and curved lines for the body. we advanced our drawing by adding a logo, jersey number, and some patterns. We brought our jersey to life by adding color.

You can use our steps to draw any soccer jersey. These steps can also be used to draw a jersey on your favorite sketching app. Keep in mind that it is only with practice that you will get better. 

How to Draw a Soccer Jersey
How to Draw a Soccer Jersey

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Learn how to draw a beautiful soccer jersey in easy to follow steps. You will also learn interesting facts about jerseys.

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