How to Draw a Battleship | Easy Drawing Tutorial

It’s time to learn about the ancient battleships. To secure the land present on the seashore, people used battleships to protect their lands from the foreign invaders who also came in these ships. There used to be a complete disaster when the battle happened. 

These ships were enormous and had multiple compartments. Some battleships also had a bathtub in it as a relaxing spot after a long day in battle.

Today, we will bring an ancient battleship to life on your paper. It sounds interesting, right?

Grab your pencil and get to work.

What you will need

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sheet of paper
  • Coloring kit
  • Ruler
  • 30 minutes

Draw a Battleship 

How to draw battleship
Draw a battleship

Drawing a battleship seems quite difficult if you don’t have any plan to follow. We have got you for this. This guide will provide all the steps required to make an amazing battleship. All you have to do is to follow these steps. This will turn your blank paper into catchy artwork.

Step 1: Add a Main Base to the Battleship

The main base of the battleship is known as the “hull.” The hull is a big, sturdy component of the ship. The hull slices down the water as the battleship cruises through the high tides and waves. 

To draw the main base or the hull of a battleship, we’ll draw a baseline along the length of the paper. We’ll draw it at the base of the paper. Make sure to leave a bit of room at the bottom and the sides of the paper. 

How to draw main base of the Battleship
Main Base of the Battleship

Draw a small vertical line slightly outward on the left side of the baseline. The length of this vertical line is almost a quarter of the baseline. At the point where the vertical line ends, we’ll stretch a horizontal curved line that is almost parallel to the baseline. The horizontal line is greater in length than the baseline, and its far end is facing upwards, as shown in the image.

Now, we’ll draw another vertical line slightly bent inwards that will connect the upper horizontal line to the baseline. 

For the final touch, we’ll draw two horizontal lines parallel to each other in the middle of the hull. Your drawing will look something like this. 

Step 2: Draw the Armor on the Battleship

The armor of the ship protects the ship from the attacks. Just like people wear armor, ships also have armor to protect the ship and its people. It must be a robust structure to withstand the unexpected situations given by the enemies on the battlefield. 

How to draw Armor on the Battleship
Draw Armor on the Battleship

To draw the armor, we’ll draw a horizontal line similar in shape to the upper line of the hull. These two lines should be parallel to each other.

After drawing this horizontal line, we’ll draw several vertical lines that will connect this line to the hull of the ship. We’ll make sure that the distance is uniform between each vertical line. 

Step 3: Add Some Weapons of War to the Ship

As the name suggests, a battleship has multiple war weapons. It has different chambers that serve this purpose. The attacking options on the battleship include big bad cannons, anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes, missile launchers, and other things. 

How to draw Weapons of War
Draw Weapons of War

We’ll draw a big square on top of the ship’s hull to draw the big bad cannons. On top of the square, we’ll draw an inverted semicircle. This makes our big bad cannons.

In a similar fashion, we’ll draw the other weapons. We’ll draw all these weapons on the hull of the warship.

Step 4: Add Other Parts of These Weapons

Only those ships survived in the battle with the best defense and attacking systems. A lethal attacking system consists of all its deadly and functional weapons.

The other parts of these weapons include the cannon bore, radar system, targeting system, and gun directors. 

How to draw Parts of these Weapons
Draw Parts of these Weapons

We’ll draw a long cylinder on the big bad cannons to draw the bore of the cannon. There are two cannons present on our ship. One on the extreme left and the other on the extreme right side of the ship. We’ll draw bore on each of these cannons.

To draw the radar and targeting system, we’ll draw a horizontal bar on top of the armor of the ship. We’ll draw a rectangle on the bar with several vertical and horizontal lines inside it. This will make our radar and targeting system.

The other parts of our weapons are ready, and our ship is all set to defend itself during the crazy hours. 

Step 5: Add a Battle Flag to the Ship

People always used a sign to recognize one’s army on the battlefield. This helps them know which ship to attack and which to defend. Without these signs, there will be a complete catastrophe. 

One of the best signs is the use of a flag. This flag has a symbol that anyone can recognize and know to whom this ship belongs to. 

How to draw Battle Flag of the Ship
Draw the Battle Flag of the Ship

For that reason, our ship must have a flag on it to have its identity. You can draw any type of flag having any symbol in it. The details depend on you

To draw the flag, we’ll draw a long horizontal line starting from the hull of the ship. At the far end of this line, we’ll draw a rectangle. To add more details, we’ll erase the left vertical line of this rectangle and make it pointed inward, as shown in the image.

Inside this rectangle, we’ll draw another small rectangle with curved corners. Inside this small rectangle, we’ll draw a star. 

Our flag is ready, and we made it according to our taste; you can try making a different kind of flag having your taste of creativity in it.

Step 6: The Battleship is ready

how to draw battleship
Battleship is ready

Congratulations! Our battleship is ready to defend its glory on the battlefield. We have made it equipped with all the required components. 

Our drawing journey doesn’t end here; the fun part is still unexplored. Hold your seats tight as we’re about to begin the real fun process.

Taking your Battleship drawing to the next level

It is completely okay if you are satisfied with your results. But what we’re about to tell you will blow your mind. 

Now listen!

Imagine your drawing is not a blank image but full of real colors and have all time real details imprinted on it. How does this idea sound to you?

This will transform your ordinary-looking drawing into an eye-catching art. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on this. Then why wait? Let’s begin this fun process.

Adding background to your drawing 

How to add background
Add background

A background completes the entire scenario of the picture. It provides the whole idea of the scenery and makes it look more realistic. 

A battleship is used for battles in the sea and oceans. As a background, a sea or an ocean would make our drawing more appealing and realistic. We’ll add water under the ship as our background for that purpose.

Adding colors to your drawing 

Colors make our drawings look alive. It adds charisma to it. Without the colors, the drawing seems dull. Adding colors requires your artistic creativity. You can add any type of color to your drawing. You can use crayons, marker colors, poster oil colors, or others. It all depends on you.

How to Add Colors
Add Colors

One thing you have to keep in mind is to color your drawing realistically. We want our ship to scare our opponents on the battlefield. To do that, our ship must have a dark and fierce look. We cannot color it yellow or pink. It’ll look less scary. 

In our case, we have colored it with dark brown and gray colors. Now, it reflects a deadly look.

P.S Bonus Tips 

Our drawing is completed, but the art doesn’t end here. It can go beyond limits only if you let it. Push yourself beyond limits, think extraordinarily, and do something amazing with your drawing. But how to do it?

We’ll give you some ideas that you can use in your drawing. You can add your name on the hull of the ship. This will give you the ownership of the ship. 

You can also add clouds on top of the ship to give your drawing a dark theme.

Likewise, there are many things that you can try with your drawing. Experiment with your drawing with different ideas and see what suits your eyes the best.


Drawing a battleship is a fun and easy process. We began by drawing the base of the ship. The base is also known as the hull. After that, we drew the armor on the ship. Then we drew some weapons and their parts. After that, we added a flag on it. The last part was the upgrading of the drawing.

We’re confident that you thoroughly enjoyed this process. Always remember that drawing is a continuous process. No one gets a perfect picture on the very first try. Use your creativity and experiment with your drawing with different ideas. This will boost your confidence and give you better results.

How to draw a battleship

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Take a look at the steps you should follow to draw a convincing battleship. You will also learn a few interesting facts about this vehicle.

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