how to draw a scooter

How to Draw a Scooter | Easy Drawing Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to draw a scooter. Scooters are small vehicles typically used by children. The driver pushes off the ground with one foot to propel it forward.

Whether you’re a regular in drawing or just looking for some fun, this easy-peasy tutorial will guide you step-by-step. Grab your colorful crayons and a big imagination – we’re about to turn blank paper into a colorful scooter drawing.

What You Will Need

  • Drawing Paper or Sketchbook
  • Pencils (variety of lead grades)
  • Eraser
  • Ruler (Optional)
  • Colored Pencils
  • Well-Lit Work Area
  • 30 minutes

Basic Drawing of the scooter

You will need to complete the drawing of the scooter before adding more details to the drawing. Here are the steps you should follow.

how to draw a scooter

Step 1: Draw the Scooter Base

To draw the base of the scooter, you need to start by drawing a rectangle. The rectangle will form the deck of the scooter. Draw two horizontal lines and connect them carefully at the ends.

how to draw a scooter
The Base of the Scotter

You need to draw another rectangle right below the first one and ensure the angle from the left side is indented to depict the front end of the scooter.

You need another rectangle attached to the bottom rectangle from the right and ensure the right side of the rectangle is round, as shown in the image above.

Step 2: Draw the Base for the Handlebar

Next, we need to add the base for the handlebars. To do so, draw two parallel lines that are located diagonally from the top rectangle of the scooter base and connect them carefully.

You then need to add another rectangle at the top of the diagonal rectangle, as shown in the image below.

how to draw a scooter
Add the Base for the Handlebar

This will serve as the base or the lower part of the steering wheel, which we will add next.

Step 3: Draw the Handlebar and the Handles

To add the handlebar, draw a long rectangle rising from the final rectangle we added in Step 2. This should be more of a long thin tube that is slightly thinner so that it appears to go inside the rectangle for the base of the steering.

how to draw a scooter
Add the Handlebar and Handles

To add the handles, we need to draw a short tube at the top of the new rectangle, as shown in the above image. It is okay to add the handles on top of the steering rack.

In our case, the tube is offset slightly from the handlebar to add more details. We then drew two lines to connect the handle to the steering rack.

For more details, add a circle at the end of the handlebar and three semi-circles along the tube to depict the handles. This creates more realism.

Step 4: Draw the Wheels

A scooter cannot work without wheels, can it? That is why we need to add the wheels.

To draw the wheels, draw two circles, one inside the other. The inner circle will serve as the inside of the wheel. Try to draw as perfect a circle as you can.

The first wheel should be added right below the steering rack.

For the rear wheel, we need to use the end of the small rectangle we added to the far right of the base as the center. Draw two more circles, again one inside the other, as shown in the below image.

how to draw a scooter
Add the Wheels

The key to great results are:

  • Making sure the circles are as close to a perfect circle as possible. Use a compass or a round bottle cap to draw a perfect circle if your mom allows.
  • Make the wheels roughly the same size and in the same position.
  • Don’t make the wheels too big because normal scooters have small wheels.

Step 5: Connect the Front Wheel

We don’t want to leave the front wheel floating like in the cartoons, do we? We need to connect it to the steering rack.

To do this, draw two parallel lines that are slanted diagonally and at the same angle as the long rectangle we drew in Step 4 for the handlebar.

The lines should start from the base of the handlebar base and end at the center of the front wheel. Connect the bottom part of the lines with a semi-circle to form a rounded head, as shown below.

how to draw a scooter
Connect the Front Wheel

The rectangle connecting the wheels to the base of the handlebar should be thinner so that it appears to go through the handlebar base.

That way, it will look more realistic because the steering is housed in the handlebar base, which means it rotates inside it.

Step 6: Draw the Front Fender

A scooter is not complete without the front fender. We don’t want mud to splash all over our rider.

Draw a curved line over the front wheel to add the front fender. The lines should extend slightly over the wheel but not too long.

If the fenders are touching the ground, they might get caught in a rock or branch, which could cause an accident.

how to draw a scooter
Add the Front Fender

Draw another curved line parallel to the first one and connect the two at the end with a line to create a fender.

To make our fender more realistic, rub off the area of the curved lines that run over the rectangle connecting the wheel to the steering rack.

Step 7: Draw the Rear Fender

Our scooter will need a fender on the rear wheel so that dirt and mud don’t splash on the rider’s back while riding at full speed.

As we did with the front fender, you need to draw a curved line above the rear wheel and then add another parallel curved line above it. Connect the two curved lines to create the rear fender.

how to draw a scooter
Add a Rear Fender

While the rear fender can be bigger than the front fender, it should not be too big, as that will make it unrealistic. It goes without saying that the rear fender should not be extended too far to the ground.

Step 8: The Scooter is Complete

If you worked with me through each of the steps, the basic layout of your scooter should be ready. Here is our completed scooter.

how to draw a scooter
Our Completed Scooter

If your drawing doesn’t look exactly like the picture you’re looking at, don’t worry or get upset. Just use your eraser to fix the parts that don’t look right. Try again and make those parts better. If your drawing looks like the picture or even better, that’s awesome! You can say, “Great job!

Take Your Drawing to the Next Level

It is okay if you wish to leave your drawing as it is, but now, let’s make it even better. We need to go a step further and liven it up by adding a few more details.

Step 9: Add a Background

As fun, as it would be, scooters cannot work in space. The first thing we need to do is add a road. Draw a line below the scooter.

The line should touch the base of the wheels and extend further. The line will serve as the road.

Next, you need to add a background of your choosing. You can add a building, items from your playground, a bush, or anything else. In our case, we added a tree and a bush as our background.

how to draw a scooter
We Added a Road and a Background

Be careful not to draw the background over your scooter. Use the eraser to remove any lines that go over your scooter.

Step 10: Color Your Drawing 

The world is full of color, and we must add color to our scooter. It is now time for the fun part, using our coloring supplies.

How good are you at coloring? It is time to show us what you’ve got. Make sure the colors don’t spill outside the areas you are coloring. The more colors you use, the better.

how to draw a scooter
Our Colored Scooter

It helps to use the same color for certain areas of the drawing. For example, the wheels should be of the same color. You can also use the same color for both the front and rear fenders.

For the background, try and use realistic colors. For example, we all know that tree trunks are mostly brown. Using blue as the color of your tree trunk will not be too convincing, will it?

That is unless Peter Pan rides your scooter in Neverland. In this case, go for it.


Learning how to draw a scooter is pretty easy. We started by drawing the scooter base using rectangles, adding the handlebar and handles, then adding the wheels and fenders.

To take our scooter drawing to the next level, we added a road, a background and then colored everything.  

Always remember that drawing is all about having fun and unleashing your creative side. You will not get everything right the first time.

When you make a mistake, don’t be worried or frustrated. Use your eraser and keep trying until you get what you want. Mistakes are part of the learning process.

how to draw a scooter
how to draw a scooter

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