How to draw roller skates

How To Draw Roller Skates | Art Guide

Today, we will take a fun ride on how to draw roller skates. 

Did you know roller skates were invented in the 1760s, and it all started with a dramatic entrance by Joseph Merlin? Roller skates not only make you look cooler,, but you can also go as fast as 10 mp/h on roller skates.

What you will need

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sheet of paper
  • Coloring kit
  • Ruler
  • 30 minutes

How to Draw Roller Skates

We will learn a fun and easy way to draw roller skates. This is a step-by-step guide that makes it very easy for you to follow and draw beautiful roller skates.

How to draw roller skates
Complete Process

Step 1: Draw the Shoe

Like any other casual shoe, roller skate consists of a shoe with wheels attached under it.

In the first step, we draw the shoe of the roller skate. To draw the shoe, first draw a horizontal line for the base of the shoe. Now, connect a vertical line on its right side. This will look like an L, but the horizontal part is on the opposite side, I.e., it is on the left side instead of the right side. Now, to make the top part of the cavity of the shoe, draw two horizontal lines and connect them by small vertical lines on both sides. To complete the shoe, you need to draw its upper part. For this, draw two small vertical lines, one from the mouth of the shoe and the other from the base. Now, connect these two lines by a curved line. Your basic shoe is complete.

This shoe is a very important component as this is what we wear, and it is the main part.

How to draw shoe of roller skates
Shoe of the Roller Skates

Step 2: Draw the Shoelace

As we have completed the shoe, now it’s time to draw the shoelace. To draw a shoelace, you need to draw small elongated spheres. These spheres are elongated along their horizontal axis. Or you can draw two parallel lines which are connected by curved lines. Make sure you make these laces equidistant, i.e., the distance between each sphere should be equal. Draw about 5 ovals (depending on the size of the shoe you have made).

How to draw shoelace of  roller skates
The shoelace of the Roller Skates

Shoelaces are what make your shoe fit and make sure you don’t slip and that you are comfortable while you wear skates.

Step 3: Draw the Roller Skate Wheelbase

Unlike regular shoes, roller skates have a special base where the wheels are attached, known as the wheelbase. So, we will make the wheelbase. For this, draw two parallel horizontal lines under the base of your shoe and connect these with a curved line on both sides (same as you did in the laces).

How to draw wheelbase of roller skates
The wheelbase of the Roller Skates

Step 4: Draw the wheels

Wheels are the main component of roller skates. There are two wheels in roller skates. Draw the first wheel near the front end of the shoe and the second wheel near the rear end.

To draw the wheels, draw two circles, one bigger and another smaller inside. The upper boundary of the bigger circle should touch the top line of the wheelbase. After drawing both circles, remove or erase the lines present in the circle. This will make it look more tidy and beautiful.

How to draw wheels of roller skates
Wheels of the Roller Skates

Wheels are what separates roller skates from other shoes. So these are a very important component of roller skates.

Step 5: Draw the Front Press Brake

When you are speeding with your roller skates on the streets, you might have to stop to avoid an accident suddenly. For this purpose, there is a front press brake near the front wheel of the roller skate.

To draw the front press brake, draw two parallel angled lines in front of the front wheel. These two lines are small and parallel, and these start from the wheelbase and go down with an angle towards the front of the shoe. Now, draw a very small rectangle under these horizontal lines (in a way that the rectangle connects the horizontal lines). Your front press brake is complete. Now, if you are going fast, you don’t need to be worried about your safety, as front press brakes are there to help you slow down on turns and stop when required.

How to draw Front Press Brake of roller skates
Front Press Brake of the Roller Skates

Step 6: Roller Skate is ready

Yay! Our roller skate is ready, and it looks realistic. Hope you enjoyed the process and liked the roller skate. Your drawing is really good. Did you enjoy drawing? Well, there’s a surprise for you! The fun part is just about to start. Now, by using the power of imagination, we will color this drawing, and it will look even more amazing.

How to draw roller skates
Roller Skates are Ready

Taking Your Roller Skates Drawing to the Next Level

Drawing and art are not just about basic outlines. Even though it is the most important part of your process, if you fill in good colors in a drawing, its beauty increases by many folds. So, now you need to bring out the Picasso you have inside you and use your imagination to increase the charisma of this drawing and take it to the next level. There are many parameters that increase the beauty of drawing, and working on them will help you stand out from others.

Are you confused or afraid about how to do it? Well, don’t worry! We are here to help you through this process and make it easy for you.

Adding the background to your drawing

Adding background to your drawing makes it look more realistic and takes it to a whole other level. People usually don’t focus on such things, even though adding a background is easy and makes a huge difference. Where are your roller skates? In your wardrobe? On a road? Or somewhere else? Well, this is the part where your imagination comes into play. We think roller skates are normally on the road. So, you can draw a road and buildings in the background to give your drawing a realistic touch. You can also draw a skateboard alongside it.

How to draw roller skates
Adding Background

Adding a background makes your drawing realistic and increases its charisma. There is a huge difference between a drawing that has a background as compared to one that does not have a background. So, never forget to add background to your drawings.

Adding Colors to Your Drawing

This is the time to fill your drawing with colors. Colors will bring life to your drawing, and your drawing will look more realistic and catch the attention of the viewer. To color your roller skates, you should use different colors for different parts, i.e., different colors for the shoe, laces, wheelbase, wheels, and brake. Trying different combinations of colors is the key because you never know which combination is the best for a particular drawing. You can also use shades of the same color in different areas of the same part. Shades are made by changing the number or power of the stroke you give.

How to draw roller skates
Adding Colors

This is the part where imagination is key. There is no such thing as a usual color for roller skates. Now, if you use your imagination and try different contrasting colors, you will surely make something very beautiful. In the end, you will love your drawing.

P.S Bonus Tips

In the drawing, small things matter a lot. Just by using your imagination, you can turn a very simple drawing into a very beautiful and amazing art. After you have added the background and colored your drawing, now it is time to add small features, e.g., you can make some kind of design on the side of your roller skates. You can make stars, or you can make a pattern with lines, or you can write the initials of your name. You can make wheels prettier by coloring their different parts with different colors.

These are just some tips from our side, but this part is imaginative, and using your imagination power, you can make a huge difference.


You have made a beautiful and amazing drawing of roller skates. When you look at something, it might look very difficult to draw at first, but if you break the whole process into different small steps, it becomes very easy. For example, at first, one might think it is very difficult to draw roller skates, but if you break it into steps as we did just now and focus on one thing at a time, it becomes very easy. We started by making a simple shoe, then added a wheelbase, then added the wheels on the base, and then finally added our front push break to complete our drawing. 

Whenever you are drawing, remember to be relaxed and take it easy. If it becomes difficult for you or you mess up a step, repeat it.

How to draw roller skates

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