How to draw a racing car

How To Draw A Racing Car | Easy Tutorial

Greetings, future artists! Today, we will go on a supersonic adventure. Race with your fellows while drawing a racing car.

Do you know why racing cars are so fast? Aerodynamics plays a part in how these automobiles travel, so they have strong engines and accelerate quickly around turns. Aerodynamics is the study of how air affects an object and how that analysis turns out.

Now get ready! We are going to draw a beautiful racing car.

What you will need

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sheet of paper
  • Coloring kit
  • Ruler
  • 30 minutes

how to Draw a racing car

We will use the simple directions that are provided in this article to sketch a racing car. Our drawing will be ready after around 6 to 7 steps in this process.

How to draw a racing car
Our Process

Step 1: Draw the car baseline

The first step is drawing the baseline of our racing car. As you might have noticed, we always start with the basic structure of the object we draw. It is always right to start with fundamental parts.

To draw the car baseline, we will make a horizontal rectangle in the middle of the page. This horizontal rectangle will be narrow like a pipe. You can use a ruler to draw a straight rectangle. To draw this type of rectangle, you must draw two horizontal parallel lines and join both ends with curved lines.

How to draw baseline of a racing car
Car Baseline of the Racing Car

Remember, the distance between the horizontal parallel lines should be very small. And there you have it, a perfect baseline for our racing car.

Step 2: Draw the body of the car

Do you know the shape of the body of the fastest racing car? The teardrop, which is the most aerodynamic form in the world, is a creation of nature. The design, which has a rounded front and a tapered back, is created when water flowing down an item encounters resistance from the air around it.

How to draw body of a racing car
Body of the Racing Car

To draw the upper body of the racing car, we will draw a shape somewhat of elongated trapezium. Draw an overlapping line on the top of the base. Draw another line over this line and then connect both of these lines from the end. In simple words, draw some lines to create a shape like in the image.

Step 3: Draw the wheels

To draw the wheels, we will draw two circles on the baseline of our racing car on both ends.

For the best-looking circles, mark a dot on the page as the center of the circle. From this dot, mark four more dots (top, bottom, right, and left) around it at the same distance. Now, gently connect all these dots with curved lines. That’s how we will make an amazing circle.

We can also use any round lid to make the circle. We’ll draw these circles at the bottom right and left. Inside the left circle, draw another circle. Repeat the same pattern for the right circle. After making the wheels, we will erase the lines of the base that overlap the wheels. 

How to draw Wheels of a racing car
Wheels of the Racing Car

Draw another circle inside, having a diameter less than the circles we have drawn before. Do this on both wheels.

Step 4: Draw the back part of the car

A diffuser is the name for the curved plate that is attached to the back of sports automobiles. It is utilized to create a low-pressure area and smooth out the airflow behind the car, which helps to lower drag and boost downforce. This increases the car’s aerodynamic efficiency and stability at high speeds. Diffusers are also utilized in racing automobiles to enhance track performance.

How to draw back part of a racing car
Back part of the Racing Car

To draw the back part of the car, we are going to use straight and angle lines, as you can see in the picture given. This part is small in size and has the shape of a trapezoid.

Step 5: Draw the front part of the racing car

The front part of the racing car is also called front wing. The front wing’s primary job is to produce downforce, which increases cornering speeds and the car’s ability to stay on the track. Downforce is produced by the wing’s design, which creates a low-pressure zone underneath it and a high-pressure zone above it.

How to draw Front part of a racing car
The front part of the Racing Car

We will use an angle line to draw the front wing. The shape is like a triangle lying on the car’s body. To draw a triangle, you need three lines of different sizes and join their corners. This type of triangle is also called a scalene triangle.

Step 6: Draw the sitting shelter

The racing car’s sitting shelter is where the driver sits to drive the car. This part of the car gets really hot. It is said that some drivers lose weight in this phase up to 4kg in a single race.

How to draw Sitting Shelter of a racing car
Sitting Shelter of the Racing Car

To make the sitting shelter of our car, we will draw curved lines like the image. Two double oblique lines are emerging from the car body. The two curved lines are drawn that connect the front and back parts of the car.

Step 7: Draw the wind cutter

The wind cutter is also known as the rear wing. The car’s rear wing is placed there to generate a wake that flows over and around the vehicle, lowering air resistance or drag. The driver can modify the rear wing to optimize the vehicle’s stability and speed on various tracks.

How to draw Wind Cutter of a racing car
Wind Cutter of the Racing Car

We will draw two angled, vertical, small parallel lines and a rectangle lying horizontally on them to make the wind cutter. To make it easy, draw a small parallelogram on the back of the car and place a horizontal rectangle on it.

Step 8: Racing Car is ready

Wow! Our racecar is prepared to take the victory. You did a great job, and we are certain that you followed all the instructions. How did you find the process? 

But hold on! We’re still not done. There are several elements missing from our drawing. We understand that completely. We’ll experiment with color to add some enchantment to this drawing.

How to draw a racing car
Racing Car is Ready

Taking your racing car drawing to the next level 

Instead of keeping our drawing simple and mundane, we are going to play with colors and creativity. We should let our imagination go wild and make our drawings exciting and different than others. We are only done with the fundamental step; there are a lot of steps ahead of us to use. We should enjoy art to its fullest as we may better comprehend the world and ourselves via the power of art. It is a crucial component of our society because it helps us better understand our emotions, be more self-aware, and be more receptive to new ideas and experiences.

Adding background to your drawing 

Our racing car is missing something that will give a story to our racing car, whether our racing car is parked in a garage or having a race. We have no background to our drawing that gives the perspective. To have a complete story, our drawing must have a background.

Most likely, our racing car is in some sort of race. So we’ll draw a road under the wheels of the racing car. You can add a clear blue sky in the background.

How to draw a racing car
Adding Background

This is just an idea; you can add any kind of background to your drawing that suits you. Just ensure no line from the background overlaps our horse racing car.

Adding colors to your drawing 

Colors are very important in drawing for particular types of audiences; color can signify many meanings and feelings. When attempting to convey a message, product, or something similar, shades, context, substance, vibrancy, culture, location, and tone are all crucial.

How to draw a racing car
Adding Colors

So, pick up your coloring kit and start coloring. You can go with bold colors or with dull colors. It all depends on you. Make sure to color neatly without making a mess.

P.S Bonus Tips 

Here are some bonus tips that you can use to enhance your drawing. For this step, you need to have a creative mind. Just go with your imagination and put them on that page.

You can accessorize your car by putting on some headlights. You can even draw some patterns and designs on the body of the car. You all must be familiar with McQueen from the animated movie CARS. You can draw similar stickers and put a number on your car.

You can draw a person inside the car driving it or enhance your background by putting bushes on the roadside or some road sign etc.

And voila! Our illustration is beautiful! These are only a few suggestions, to be clear. You must test out a ton of concepts to see what works best for your drawing. 


In these 30 minutes, you are able to draw a racing car

Drawing isn’t difficult if you follow the steps. For making the racing car, we drew the car baseline and then drew the car’s upper body. Later, we made the front and back parts, wheels, sitting shelter, and wind cutter.

Remember that perfection doesn’t come with a first attempt; you have to try again and again to be perfect.

How to draw racing car

Thanks for reading & feel free to check out more of our articles!

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This guide explains how to draw a racing car in a simple and effective way. You will learn a few interesting facts about this vehicle by reading this guide.

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