How To Draw An American Football Jersey

How To Draw An American Football Jersey | The Ultimate Guide

An American football jersey is a distinctive piece of athletic apparel worn by players during the sport of American football. Typically made of durable, moisture-wicking fabric, these jerseys are designed to withstand the game’s physical demands while keeping players comfortable. American football jerseys feature vibrant team colors, logos, and player numbers, which are key to a team’s identity. The design often includes reinforced stitching to enhance durability, especially in areas prone to wear and tear. 

The fit is typically loose to allow for freedom of movement and to accommodate the protective pads worn underneath. Player names may also be displayed on the back of the jersey, contributing to individual player recognition. These jerseys are an integral part of the team uniform, symbolizing team unity and pride, and they are often customized to align with a team’s branding and aesthetics.

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Draw the collar2
Draw the jersey outline3
Draw branding elements and numbers3
Add sleeve and side panel design3
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What You Will Need

  • Paper – Blank printer paper or drawing pad
  • Pencils – No. 2 pencils, range of graphite grades
  • Eraser
  • Straightedge ruler (optional)
  • Coloring tools – Markers, colored pencils, etc.

How to Draw an American Football Jersey

In this easy step-by-step drawing guide, we’ll tackle rendering the essential elements of a basic jersey template. With a bit of guidance and imagination, you’ll channel your inner player in no time! Get in that artistic end zone and map out our dream jersey design! We’ve got our creative gear ready.

How To Draw An American Football Jersey
American Football jersey

Step 1: Draw the collar

Start by lightly sketching a wide curved “U” shape towards the top of your paper to outline the jersey collar. Leave enough space below to complete the rest of the uniform layers. Add two elongated “S” like curves inside the “U” shape to add dimension as the inside collar lining. Extend the bottom endpoints horizontally for an opening at the neck. Use sharp, angular lines since the shoulder pads underneath will also have hard edges. Take your time using rough construction lines and erase often.

How To Draw An American Football Jersey
Drawing the collar
  • Outlined central collar with extended endpoints
  • Drew inner lining with “S” curves for depth
  • Used angular lines matching future shoulder pad style

Step 2: Draw the jersey outline

Below the collar area, sketch two wide boxy shapes angling down the length of the body as a guide for the shoulder pad structure underneath. Then connect them by drawing the outer shape of the jersey with sweeping curves—feel free to exaggerate the heroic superhero football player proportions! Add a straight horizontal trim line across the waist. Below that, draw another sweeping curve for the shirt hem, leaving room at the bottom to complete the legs later.

How To Draw An American Football Jersey
Drawing the jersey outline
  • Drew angled shoulder pad guides extending from the collar
  • Connected sides with sweeping curved outlines for shirt frame
  • Added straight waist trim and sweeping jersey hem

Step 3: Draw branding elements and number

The number on a football jersey is a practical identifier and a symbolic representation of a player’s role, identity, and connection to the team’s history. It adds a layer of personalization and recognition to the uniform, making it an integral component of the player’s on-field persona.

How To Draw An American Football Jersey
Drawing branding elements and numbers

In the center chest area of your jersey, sketch the team logo or wordmark for branding. Below that, determine a jersey number symbolizing your player character and draw it large and creatively styled. Outline the number thickly in team coloring and fill it in with narrow parallel lines. Surround it with tiny stars or other accent shapes to reinforce the focus of attention there.

  • Added central chest logo visualization
  • Drew large athletic number with solid outline and fills
  • Surrounded number area with flair accents

Step 4: Add sleeve and side panel designs

An American football jersey’s sleeve and side panel design are integral elements contributing to the team’s identity and visual appeal. Sleeves often showcase team colors, player numbers, and logos, emphasizing individual and collective recognition. Meanwhile, side panels serve functional and aesthetic purposes, featuring contrast elements, ventilation options, and stretch panels to enhance flexibility. Player names, position indicators, and additional team branding may be incorporated into the design, offering customization and personalization. The integration of moisture-wicking materials and stretch fabrics reflects a commitment to performance and comfort. 

How To Draw An American Football Jersey
Add sleeve and side panel desings

Moving outside the number, draw striping bands, flames, claws or other athletic motifs you envision down the jersey sides and sleeves. Sketch your last name or initials big across the upper back shoulders as well so fans know who the star player is! Unleash your creativity blending team pride elements with personal signature designing.

  • Created striped sleeves with unique graphic accents
  • Visualized last name / initials prominently on back
  • Blended unified team elements with custom details

Step 5: The American football jersey is ready

Great job! The American football jersey is ready to be worn by a player. You did an excellent job. You created your American football jersey, and we’re sure you followed every instruction. You can use a marker to outline the drawing to make it stand out. To improve the appearance, we will remove the pencil marks after tracing. 

How To Draw An American Football Jersey
American Football jersey

The actual fun is about to start. We are going to improve and add authenticity to our drawing. Can you produce a more refined picture with your creativity and imagination?

Taking your American football jersey to the next level

Like any other skill, sketching requires practice. Set aside time each day to sketch, even if it’s only for a little while. Be mindful of your surroundings. This enhances comprehension of details, dimensions, and forms. You can start with the basics and work up to more complex topics. Experiment with different drawing tools like charcoal, colored pencils, watercolors, markers, and pencils. Every medium has unique characteristics that could help you identify your preferences.

You can also play with basic hatching, blending, shading, and cross-hatching techniques. Understanding these techniques will greatly enhance the complexity and realism of your drawings. When you’re drawing, use your imagination and try out new concepts. 

Adding a Background

Consider placing your jersey artwork on an athlete! Sketch a football player wearing it proudly in a scene. Draw tall spiky grass blades around his feet and a dirt field underneath to portray the playing field environment. Include iconic details like the scuffed ball tucked under his arm, sweat dripping, tense face under the helmet grill ready for action. You could even draw cheering fans in the bleachers watching intently. Use light sweeping strokes for a crowd. Get creative in setting the scene by imagining when and where this player designs your custom jersey!

When coloring, use shades of green and brown for the grass and dirt. Make sure they remain subtle behind the main jersey subject. Boost shadows and color saturation on the player for prominence. For the helmet and accessories, reference actual sports photos for inspiration. The goal is to make your centerpiece jersey creation the star!

Coloring the Drawing

Vibrant color brings life to your jersey artwork. Use black, white and bold shades associated with your favorite NFL or college team. For custom designs, choose a main hue you enjoy and build the color palette around it. Shade the jersey base tone heavily with detail lines left white to make them pop. Use bright complementary colors for the number, stripes and decorative accents so they stand out. Add visualize sheen as if light is reflecting off the athletic performance materials!

How To Draw An American Football Jersey
American Football jersey

Mixing analogous shades and tints adds realistic depth, while contrasting hues make certain elements draw the eye. Try both traditional and unexpected combinations to develop a signature style. Even basic colored pencils, markers, or crayons allow for impact when thoughtfully mapping colors and values. Reference actual sports uniforms, but customize the hue choices to make your jersey vision unique!

Bonus Tips

Start with rough concept lines before perfecting details. Look up uniform examples online for design ideas. Incorporate icons matching your hobbies or values. Improvise with vibrant color combinations. Sign finished artwork proudly as the designer!


This football jersey drawing tutorial explored bringing an original vision to life using basic artistic techniques – from conceptualizing the decorative scheme to refining proportions and scene context. Experimenting with different tools and mediums along the way keeps creativity fresh. Remember to take artistic risks by welcoming so-called mistakes as learning milestones!

Practice the visualization methods here across other sketches, too. Design matching helmets, shoes or a complete fantasy uniform line. Blend multiple sports or pop culture symbols. Taking pride as the director of every drawing detail is key. Now that you have assembled this jersey guide, you can always refer back for helpful reminders or inspiration, sparking new artistic adventures. Great job, and keep channeling those creative dreams!

How to draw American football jersey

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