How to draw mail truck

How to Draw a Mail Truck | 7 Easy Steps

A mail truck is a vehicle that carries letters and drops them off at the required location. The person who drives the mail truck and delivers the letters is known as the mailman. 

This guide will provide a step-by-step process on how to draw a mail truck.

What you will need

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sheet of paper
  • Coloring kit
  • Ruler
  • 30 minutes

how to Draw a Mail Truck 

It seems a tricky task to draw a mail truck. Like other vehicles, a mail truck has multiple compartments. These compartments can be hard to figure out how to draw. We are aware of this, and we don’t want you to struggle with your drawing.

How to draw a Mail Truck
The Complete Process

By following these steps, you will have a nice mail truck by the end of this guide. Get your stationary ready as we’re about to begin. 

Step 1: Draw the truck cabin

The cabin is where the mailman sits and drives the truck. To make the truck cabin, we’ll draw a diamond-like shape. Stretch a horizontal line on the left side of the page. Then, we’ll draw a vertical line on the right side of the first line. These two lines must meet each other. We’ll make sure these two lines are of the same length.

We’ll make two small lines on these lines and combine them with a diagonal line. The first step is done. It is pretty easy, isn’t it? The remaining steps are even easier.

How to draw truck cabin of a Mail Truck
Truck Cabin

Step 2: Draw a mail container

The mailman doesn’t carry the mail in his pocket. In fact, the mail truck has a special container to serve this purpose. This container contains all the letters.

We’ll draw a rectangle behind the truck cabin to draw the main container. Make the length of the rectangle greater than the cabin of the truck. The base of the truck cabin and container must be at the same level. We’ll make a slight curve at the upper left part of the rectangle.

How to draw Mail Container of a Mail Truck
Mail Container

After making the container, we’ll make its holder. We’ll draw a narrow rectangle stretching under the truck container. We’ll draw it in such a way that the right side of the holder will be slightly outward from the truck container. This will give it a realistic look. Our container is ready to carry the letters.

Step 3: Draw the side Window

The next step in the process is making the side window. The side window is exactly similar in shape to the truck cabin.

As we drew a diamond-shaped structure for the truck cabin, we’ll draw a similar shape for the side window. We’ll draw it inside the cabin structure but smaller in size.

How to draw side window of  a Mail Truck
Side Window of The Truck

We’ll use the same steps as in Step 1 to make the side window. The side window is like a mini cabin inside the main truck cabin.

Step 4: Draw the Wheels

For the smooth movement of our mail truck, we need wheels.

First, we’ll draw the front wheel. We’ll make a round structure under the truck container. We’ll make it in such a way that half of the circle will be above the baseline of the cabin and half below the baseline of the cabin. Then, we’ll make another small circle inside the first circle. Our front wheel is ready.

We’ll follow the same procedure and make the back wheel. We’ll draw it under the mail container. 

How to draw wheels of a Mail Truck
Wheels of the Truck

We can use any round lid to make a smooth circle. If a round lid is unavailable, we’ll use the freehand technique to make the circle. Erase the circle and draw it again if it’s not completely round.

After making the wheels, we’ll erase the lines overlapping the wheels.

Step 5: Draw lights and door

Lights are an integral part of any vehicle. Without lights, it cannot operate in the dark, decreasing its efficiency.

To make the front lights, we’ll draw a small rectangle at the front side of the truck cabin. For the backlights, we’ll draw another small rectangle at the back of the main container, as shown in the image.

How to draw Lights and Door of a Mail Truck
Lights and Door of the Truck

We’ll draw a rectangle under the side window to make the door. Then, we’ll make the bottom left corner of this rectangle curved inside. We’ll follow the curve of the front wheel to get the required shape. Follow the image for more clarity.

Step 6: Draw the Mail Symbol

A mail truck is identified by its logo. All the mail trucks have a big envelope logo on their container. We’ll draw a logo as well.

We’ll draw a big rectangle right in the middle of the mail container to draw the logo. Then, we’ll draw two diagonal lines originating from the upper right and left corner. These lines must be at a single point. 

How to draw logo on a Mail Truck
Logo on the Truck

Now, we’ll draw two more diagonal lines originating from the bottom right and left corner. These lines should meet the upper diagonal lines as shown in the image. Our symbol is ready.

Step 7: The mail truck is ready

Yay! Our mail truck is all set to go on a drive. You did an excellent job. We are confident that you followed our steps and made an awesome drawing. Even if you think your results aren’t satisfactory, no worries. Just pick up a pencil and an eraser and draw again. You’ll get efficient results really soon if you don’t quit.

How to draw a Mail Truck
The Mail Truck is ready.

Taking your mail truck drawing to the next level 

Our drawing is completed, but how about making it cooler and attractive? We’re sure you would like to upgrade your drawing. After upgrading, it’ll look professional.

Don’t worry; it’s an easy process. With just two simple steps, this drawing will be completely transformed. And the good part is you can customize your drawing according to your creativity. There’s no boundary.

To upgrade it, we’ll add colors and backgrounds to our drawing. It’s going to be an exciting process. Let’s begin!

Adding background to your drawing 

We’ll add a realistic background to our drawing. Remember, you can add any background to your drawing using your creativity. In our case, we will draw a post office behind our mail truck.

First, we’ll add a shadow of our truck on the road. For this, we’ll make an oval-shaped structure under our mail truck. We’ll draw a rectangle behind our truck to make the post office. This rectangle (the post office building) must be bigger than our truck. After making the rectangle, we’ll erase any line overlapping our mail truck. 

We’ll draw four small squares in the rectangle’s upper right corner. These will be the windows for our post office.

How to draw a Mail Truck
Adding Background

We’re getting a nice background, aren’t we?

Now, we’ll add a banner to our post office. We’ll draw a rectangle on top of the main office. We’ll use colors to add “post office” on that banner.

Our background is ready.

Adding colors to your drawing 

Our drawing is completed, but still, something seems to be missing. THE COLORS! 

Without colors, the drawing is dead and is merely a bunch of lines. We want our drawings to be appealing to our eyes. To achieve that, we must add colors to it.

Unveil your inner artist and color your drawing. You can use any color you want for your drawing and the background. 

How to draw a Mail Truck
Adding Colors

P.S Bonus points

You can further customize your drawing. You can add a company name to the truck, make a differently styled logo, add a side mirror, use more lights, and more. This section is all about you and your imagination. You can even make multiple trucks with different backgrounds and colors.


Drawing is a fun activity. There’s no limit to our imaginations while drawing. The best part of drawing is that we can customize it the way we want. We can shape it the way we want. We can color it the way we want.

We’re certain that you have also made an attractive drawing by following this guide. These steps are extremely helpful when you don’t skip any step.

Now we will recap our process,

We begin by drawing the main cabin of the truck. Then, we drew the mail container. Then, we added the side window, followed by drawing wheels. After making wheels, we drew the front and back lights, the door, and the logo.

Remember, no one gets the perfect outcome at the very first try. If you struggle to draw, practice again and again until you’re satisfied with your drawing. 

How to draw a mail truck

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This guide explains how to draw a mail truck in a simple and effective way. You will learn a few interesting facts about this vehicle by reading this guide.

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