How to draw bowling shoes

How To Draw Bowling Shoes | A Guide For Creativity

Bowling shoes are specialized footwear explicitly designed for the sport of bowling. These shoes are crucial in a bowler’s performance and safety on the bowling alley. Honoring retro style or envisioning futuristic fashion, drawing dynamic bowling shoes brings flair to the lane! With easy stages from rough sole sketches to ravishing upper detail touches, essential footwear transforms into eye-catching statement pieces that practically glide towards strikes.

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Draw the sole3
Draw the upper part2
Draw the foot-hole3
Add the shoes laces3
Add the details3
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What You Will Need

Our bowling shoe drawing guide only requires the following things

  • Paper – The printer and construction paper both work well
  • Drawing tool – Pencils, pens, markers, etc to start lighting and darkening lines
  • Eraser (optional) – For reworking initial light sketch lines
  • Colored pencils/pens (optional) – For added pop

How to draw bowling shoes

Follow along as we turn simple shapes into sensational bowling kicks suited for any character – stylish athletes, fierce animals, or even aliens! Along the way, explore classic materials, custom colors, and wild accessory embellishments to make creations unique as a perfect 300. Soon, vivid figures will shuffle through sketchbooks boasting ball-hurling footwear brimming with personality. So grab those drawing tools and lace up creativity for a fun, foul-free frame of bowling shoe pizzazz! You’ll design the hottest lane shoes on this side of the gutter in just steps. With these basics and helpful instructions, we’ll have you drawing dynamite bowling kicks in no time! Just take things step by step.

How To Draw Bowling Shoes
Our steps

Step 1: Draw the Sole

Bowling shoes have a unique sole construction with a smooth surface on one shoe (usually the left for right-handed bowlers and vice versa for left-handed bowlers) to enable a controlled slide during the approach. The other shoe typically has a sole with more traction to provide stability. The sliding sole is often made of smooth rubber or synthetic material that reduces friction, facilitating a controlled slide. The non-sliding sole may have a more textured surface for grip. Start your bowling shoes by lightly sketching the sole outline using a long, gently curving line. Position it near the bottom of your page. Add a straight line across the middle, dividing the sole into upper and lower sections.

How To Draw Bowling Shoes
Drawing the sole

The sole provides foundational traction essential for athletic power throws. Mind proportions allow room for intricate upper shoe layers still to come. Refine the curved silhouette until ready for decoratively dynamic built-up elements ahead!

  • Lightly sketch curving line for sole near page bottom.
  • Add a central straight line dividing upper and lower sole sections
  • Proportions will support upper shoe detailing

Step 2: Draw the Upper Part

Perched atop the sole, begin shaping the main bowling shoe body using smoothly connected curved lines. Create sides, toes, and heels that convey protective coverage extending above feet while permitting desired movements.

How To Draw Bowling Shoes
Drawing the upper part

Angle the tops gradually inward to hint at comfort contours, cradling feet snugly. Remember to reference classic bowling rental shoes for vintage visual inspiration while retaining creative flare. Give emerging kicks flair ready to strike stylish statements!

  • Smooth connected curves form the main cover shape over the feet
  • Angle tops inward to hint at snug fit comfort
  • Classic rentals offer vintage inspiration to build from

Step 3: Draw the Foot-Hole

Centered above the sole, sketch an oval-like shape to represent the foot entry hole using iterative short curved lines. Visually customize holes suiting species from furry animals to aliens. Angles showing worn stretch points imply frequent athletic shoe use over time.

How To Draw Bowling Shoes
Drawing the foot-hole

To further suggest depth, draw several tiny circles within holes as hinted interior fabric textures enrobing feet and heels in breathable comfort. Evolve empty spaces into snug custom fits!

  • Central oval-like shape renders foot entry hole
  • Customize shapes and stretch points conveying the use
  • Tiny inner circles suggest fabric textures hugging feet

Step 4: Add the Shoe Laces

Take your kicks to the next level by adding essential shoe laces! Use gently curving crisscrossing lines to detail open and cinched sections up the shoe front.

How To Draw Bowling Shoes
Adding the shoe lace

Make laces cascade taller than the foot hole to permit user-controlled tightening around feet and ankles for actively stable bowling stances. Customize several lacing gaps or crossing patterns. Extend short straight line tips outward as tiny knots or bow ties. Formal yet fun!

  • Crisscrossing curved lines sketch open and cinched laces
  • Taller than foot holes allowing adjustable snug ties
  • Custom gaps/patterns make laces formal yet fun

Step 5: Add Details

Do you guys know that there are two main styles of bowling shoes—universal and athletic? Regular bowlers typically prefer universal shoes and have sliding soles on both shoes. Athletic-style shoes have a sliding sole on one shoe and are designed for occasional or recreational bowlers. Bowling alleys commonly provide rental shoes for those who don’t have their own. These rental shoes are typically basic, with a universal design suitable for most bowlers.

How To Draw Bowling Shoes
Adding details

Final realistic details breathe personality into bowling shoes. Consider aged fabric creases suggesting bend points at critical movement joints using sharp angular line clusters. Design vibrant custom material prints using abstract dots, stars, and swirling stripes. For added sheen, apply strategic metallic marker linework along distinctive design ridges. Give soles tread traction texture with scattered dashes. Seek visual inspiration in athletic brand pioneers like Converse! Let time-earned details give well-loved kicks soul.

  • Fabric creases at movement points through angular lines
  • Abstract prints and textures make materials pop
  • Strategic metallics energize key ridges and edges

Step 6: Congratulations! Your Bowling Shoe Drawing is Complete

You’ve now successfully drawn a bowling shoe. Take a moment to admire your creation. It’s time to move on to the final steps – adding color and taking your drawing to the next level.

How To Draw Bowling Shoes
Bowling shoe is ready

Taking your Bowling Shoes to the next level

Like any other skill, sketching requires practice. Set aside time each day to sketch, even if it’s only for a little while. Be mindful of your surroundings. This enhances comprehension of details, dimensions, and forms. You can start with the basics and work up to more complex topics. Experiment with different drawing tools like charcoal, colored pencils, watercolors, markers, and pencils. Every medium has unique characteristics that could help you identify your preferences.

You can also play with basic hatching, blending, shading, and cross-hatching techniques. Understanding these techniques will greatly enhance the complexity and realism of your drawings. When you’re drawing, use your imagination and try out new concepts. 

Adding Background to Your Bowling Shoes Drawing

Whether honoring retro alley atmosphere or pioneering futures, funky and fresh, artfully composed backgrounds immerse bowling shoe drawings in rich environments. Frame flat shoes against abstract patterns resembling flashy fabric prints ready to strike sartorial flair down lanes. Or depict venues like cosmic bowling halls, underwater shipwreck courses, and even fantastical lawn green fairytale woods outfitting elves for woodland wizard tournaments!

For vintage appeal, reference photos of midcentury bowling lanes to lovingly include an adjacent ball return waiting to catch stray rolls. Surround with lane dots guiding competitive throws towards waiting pins. Populate approaches with other envelope-pushing era footwear shuffling in sequence, perhaps captured candidly mid-enthused celebration dance!

Alternatively, beam shoes into visions of the year 3000 upon sleek monorail lanes, neon holographic accents tracing angular momentum-powered slides. Glimpse levitating score drones and towering video marquees amidst neighboring anti-gravity bocce ball courts and laser maze arcades! The futuristic possibilities stretch as vast as the imagination allows – let creativity guide kicks beyond known frontiers!

Coloring Your Bowling Shoes Drawing

Strategic colors allow bowling shoe drawings to exhibit stylish personal spirit. Apply classic “saddle” brown leather textures using burnt umber, chocolate, and ginger gradients for retro richness. Accent stitching details with inky blacks and insoles with custom name/number emblazoning in fiery reds and dreamy robin egg blues. Scuffs, creases, and custom heel lift inserts show the player’s personality through wear and tear.

How To Draw Bowling Shoes
Adding color

For space age flash, embrace loud neon palettes on cosmic bowling footwear with intricate airbrushed metallics and iridescent paints. Make starscapes sparkle under blacklight rainbow swirls. Outline high-top collars in radiant yellows more dazzling than disco. Or channel cyberpunk edge with clashing primary spikes and alternating high-contrast checkerboard foxing tapes. However depicted, let color energize lanes!

Bonus Tips 

Take personalized bowling shoes further by engineering chrome hover soles, conceiving transforming origami styles folding out from flats into statement hi-tops, depicting bold facial expressions conveying pre-roll psych-up rituals, embroidering nickname scripts or lucky number insignias onto identifiable signature shoes, illustrating diverse, inclusive ensembles of intergalactic bowlers of all shapes and sizes socializing in unity, and infinitely more! Always progress creatively from fundamentals!


Whether parsing retro references or pioneering fashion frontiers unknown, trust yourself to build wonderfully upon all acquired drawing knowledge! Artistry manifests wondrously within through patient willing hands. In time, visions spill effortlessly from the mind through pen to page portal. Until then, believe in imagination guiding gradual visible progress. Stay present on the journey without judgment. In time, creative currents will carry visions forward stroke by stroke!

How to draw bowling shoes

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