How To Draw An American Football Coach

How To Draw An American Football Coach | Easy And Fun Guide

American football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. The head coach leads each football team – directing players on the field, devising game strategy, and motivating the team. Learning to draw an American football coach can be a fun way for young artists to combine their interests in football and art.

In this blog post, we’ll break down step-by-step how to sketch the pose, facial features, clothing, and other details that bring a football coach drawing to life. Whether you’re aspiring to lead a team someday or enjoy doodling the sport you love, grab your paper and pencils and begin drawing.

Steps Complexity level
Draw the head4
Draw the jersey3
Draw the hands4
Draw the ball2
Draw the shorts3
Draw the legs2
Draw the shoes3
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What You Will Need

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

How to Draw an American Football Coach

The seven steps in this guide will help you draw an American football coach.

How To Draw An American Football Coach
American Football Coach

Step 1: Draw the Head

Start by drawing a circle towards the top-middle of your paper to make the basic shape of the head. Leave room at the top and bottom to add hair and shoulders later. Then, sketch curved lines on the lower half of the circle for the jawline and chin. Add side-by-side loops near the bottom with dots in the middle for the eyes. Draw a straight line between the eyes for the nose and a half-circle below it for the smiling mouth. Erase any rough edges to clean it up. You now have the basic features of the coach’s cheerful face!

How To Draw An American Football Coach
Drawing the head
  • Drew a circle for the basic head shape
  • Added jaw, eyes, nose, mouth for facial features
  • Cleaned up any rough lines and edges

Step 2: Draw the Jersey

Below the head, sketch two lines sloping down from each side to outline the shoulders. Then, draw a center line down the middle. On each side of this line, sketch angled lines for the sleeves and down the sides of the body to map out the shirt. Don’t worry about perfection yet! Add a v-neck collar and a line across the belt. Draw buttons down the middle where the two front panels of the jersey would come together. Add a team logo or wordmark inside the collar if you’d like! Erase any guidelines you don’t need anymore.

How To Draw An American Football Coach
Drawing the jersey
  • Outlined shoulders and sleeves for overall jersey shape
  • Drew collar, buttons, belt, team logo for key details
  • Erased any guiding lines used in the initial sketch

Step 3: Draw the Hands

On each side of the body, sketch inverted U-shapes for the cuffed sleeves of the jersey. Add ovals at the end for the hands. Draw lines across the hands to map out the fingers and thumbs. On the right hand, adjust the shape to look like the coach is gripping a football. Clean up the little details and erase guidelines.

How To Draw An American Football Coach
Drawing the hands
  • Drew u-shapes for sleeves and ovals for hands
  • Added lines for fingers to show grip/gestures
  • Adjusted right hand to look like holding a ball

Step 4: Draw the Ball

In the right hand, draw an oval shape for the football. Add curved lines on each side for the laces. Carefully erase any parts of the hand behind the ball so it looks like the coach has a solid grip around it. Shade in the oval shape and color the laces if desired.

How To Draw An American Football Coach
Drawing the ball
  • Drew oval football shape with laces in the right-hand
  • Erased parts of the hand behind the ball for a solid grip
  • Added shading/color to the ball shape

Step 5: Draw the Shorts

Below the jersey, map out the shorts with two curved lines, one on each leg. Connect them across the front with a bowed line. Sketch vertical lines down the sides for a striped pattern if you want. Add a curved line in the middle for the crease between the legs. Erase any excess early lines and clean up the shapes.

How To Draw An American Football Coach
Drawing the shorts
  • Outlined basic shorts shape with vertical striped pattern
  • Drew line between legs for crease/fold
  • Cleaned up lines for crisp shorts details

Step 6: Draw the Legs

Extending down from the shorts, draw two vertical lines for the legs. At the bottom, draw an inverted U-shape for the lower pant legs inside the tall socks. Then, add circles at the ankles for the feet and shoes, leaving room at the bottom to draw the footwear. Erase any overlapping lines.

How To Draw An American Football Coach
Drawing the legs
  • Drew straight vertical lines for upper legs
  • Added u-shapes for lower pant legs in socks
  • Left room to add shoes/cleats on ankle circles

Step 7: Draw the Shoes

Draw sideways v-shapes with crossed lines inside on each foot for the shoes. Add some curved line details to make them look more like athletic cleats. Shade in the leading shoe area if desired. Underneath, draw horizontal lines across each ankle circle to detail the socks. Erase any stray early sequences in the leg area.

How To Draw An American Football Coach
Drawing the shoes
  • Drew v-shape athletic shoes with cleat details
  • Added shading on the boots and lines on the socks
  • Erased any unnecessary old lines around the legs

Step 8: Congratulations! Your American football coach Is Ready

Congratulations, You’ve completed your illustration of a dynamic American Football coach. Take a moment to admire your creation—it’s a testament to your creativity and dedication. Now, if you’d like, you can take your drawing to the next level with some additional steps.

How To Draw An American Football Coach
American Football Coach

Taking American Football Coach to the Next Level

We are done sketching; what’s left is coloring and adding a background to take our drawing to the next level.

Adding a Background

Once you’ve completed the basic sketch of your American football coach, consider adding a background scene to place him in context. For example, you could show him on the sidelines holding his clipboard and pacing. Draw a horizontal line behind him for the ground. Add vertical lines with ovals on top for the players on the bench. Sketch an angled rectangle nearby for the cooler of sports drinks. You could also portray him on the field with helmeted players behind him. Or sketch a locker room background with lockers, jerseys hanging, and equipment bags. Get creative with the scene and props that match where you imagine this coach!

If adding color later with markers or colored pencils, using light, random strokes for the ground can convey yard lines and grass on a field. Blue and gray tones work nicely. Colors popping out from the background will help the coach stand out.

Color the Drawing

Once your sketch is done, adding color brings it to life! For the coach’s clothing, use black, gray, or specific team colors for the jersey, shorts, shoes, and logo decals. His skin can be light peach, tan, or brown. Try blonde, golden brown, gray, or black for the hair. Consider realistic shades, or get creative! The whites of the eyes and bright white teeth will make him look lively against moderately toned skin. Use red for the mouth. Make the ball brown with white laces. Varying shades between clothing items make a more dimensional, visually appealing drawing. Don’t forget to sign your sketch!

How To Draw An American Football Coach
Adding color to American Football Coach

Bonus Tips

Use a light touch during initial sketching to allow for adjustments. Vary line heaviness – bold outlines but soft facial features. Observe photos or cartoon examples for inspiration. Start with basic shapes, adding details gradually. Use eraseable colored pencils for flexibility. Draw player characters as well – maybe posing with your coach. Scan your drawing before coloring digitally. Print copies to frame and use as cards or team posters.

The right tools, reference materials, and techniques make drawing more enjoyable. Tracing paper or a lightbox can help transfer an initial sketch to a more excellent article. Blending stumps smooth shading transitions. Fineline markers add fun decoration. Most importantly, relax and take your time rather than worrying about perfection. Art exploration should be fun! What other creative ideas might make your football coach drawing uniquely your own?


Drawing an American football coach combines sports interest with artistic skills for a fun activity. We learned to sketch the basic pose and proportions, facial features, clothing, accessories, and optional background scenes. It is brought to life from the initial sketch to the finished color drawing.

The sense of accomplishment after mastering these steps is a great feeling. Your unique coach drawing shows your artistic personality. The basic skills apply to portraying all kinds of sports figures and other subjects as you continue to grow your drawing talents. Whether football fandom or general artistic interest inspires you, have fun with your coach sketch and the endless creative possibilities to follow!

How to Draw an American Football coach

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Follow our easy steps to learn how to draw an American football coach. You will also learn interesting facts about football coaches.

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