How To Draw A Hockey Coach

How To Draw A Hockey Coach | A Step-By-Steps Guide

A field hockey coach is a pivotal figure in the success and development of a team and is responsible for strategic planning, skill development, and player motivation. Beyond formulating game plans and conducting training sessions, coaches play a crucial role in fostering positive team dynamics, offering guidance, and instilling confidence in players. In addition to in-game decision-making and adherence to rules, coaches contribute to team management, communication, and recruiting new talent. 

Continuous learning and leadership are critical facets of their role, ensuring they stay updated on the latest coaching techniques and embody qualities of sportsmanship. Ultimately, a field hockey coach is a multifaceted leader who not only influences on-field performance but also shapes the character and unity of the team, contributing significantly to its overall success and positive culture.

Steps Complexity level
Draw the head2
Draw the hoodie 3
Draw the hands3
Draw the pants2
Draw the shoes and legs3
Draw the stick3
Draw the whistle3
Complexity table

What you will need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colors 
  • 30 minutes 

How to Draw a Hockey Coach

The essentials here include paper, a pencil, and an eraser. This allows for setting the framework for rendering our field coach portrait. Advanced artists can later integrate colors. For now, gather just printer paper, a sharpened number 2 pencil, and a clean eraser to gradually reveal our vision of an inspiring field hockey leader from imagination to the page! With only these bare hands, we will chalk up ideas for strategically illustrating a sideline field. 

How To Draw A Hockey Coach
Steps to draw a hockey coach

Step 1: Draw the head

First, sketch an oval face shape tilted downward, focused intensely on the gameplay below. Structuring appropriate wrinkles and shaded planes will capture seasoned experience. Integrate a visor cap brim overhead, allowing a peek of silver hair tufts hinting at elder wisdom accrued. Angled facial features imply a dynamic motivational energy.

How To Draw A Hockey Coach
Drawing the head
  • Tilted intense oval face shape
  • Add shaded wrinkles and age lines showing experience
  • Visor cap brim with silver hair tufts peeking out
  • Angle facial planes to imply motivational energy

Step 2: Draw the hoodie

Attaching to the visor, construct an athletic hoodie coat using simple outlines. Allow a hood to peek from behind, implying the coach’s identity while conveying casual comfortability being out on the field. Sketch the opening V-neck and hood drawstrings. Make billowing shapes showing looseness for dynamic gestures.

How To Draw A Hockey Coach
Drawing the hoodie
  • Attach hoodie shape to cap visor.
  • Hint: the hood peeking out the back
  • Draw hood opening lines and string shapes
  • Billow shape conveys loose gestures

Step 3: Draw the hands

Hand motions visually shout directions. Palm the left hand open, facing outwards, directing gameplay instructively. Bring the right hand in holding a clipboard planning session strategy notes. Sketch short angular sleeve ends, allowing free arm movement.

How To Draw A Hockey Coach
Drawing the hands
  • Open left palm hand direct play
  • The right hand holds clipboard notes
  • Short angular sleeves allow free arms

Step 4: Draw the pants

Beneath the hoodie, use clean lines to shape athletic track pants. Sketch side pocket shapes and a straight leg shape to the ankle cuff hem, showing a relaxed fit, providing comfort and free motion. Imply fabric textures with small folds.

How To Draw A Hockey Coach
Drawing the pants
  • Clean lines shape loose athletic pants.
  • Pocket shapes, straight leg to ankle cuff
  • Subtle folds suggest comfortable fabric

Step 5: Draw the shoes and leg

Establish the nearest leg in front using overlapping shapes aligned to the field angle. Foreshorten the thigh and calf muscle shapes leading down to the shoe. Taper’s clean lines show athletic sock textures hugging the limb shape. Choosing the right field hockey shoes is essential for players to maximize their performance and minimize the risk of injuries. Factors such as playing surface, individual playing style and personal preferences contribute to the selection process. Field hockey shoes are a critical component of a player’s equipment, contributing to their overall comfort, safety, and effectiveness. Construct the shoe using panel segments and corner tie shapes.

How To Draw A Hockey Coach
Drawing the shoes and legs
  • Foreshortened thigh and calf shapes
  • Athletic sock texture lines shape leg
  • Segmented panels construct a tied shoe

Step 6: Draw the hockey stick

Include a short field hockey stick prop visual identifier via the overlapping handle and curved head shapes grasped in hand. Keep the stick short as if resting while coaching. Use lines to show wear textures scratched into the surface from sage years of competitive play.

How To Draw A Hockey Coach
Drawing the hockey stick
  • Overlapping short stick shapes
  • Grasped in hand as a resting prop
  • Scratched texture lines show worn use

Step 7: Draw the whistle

A field hockey coach’s whistle is distinctive in managing and directing players during training sessions and matches. Typically a pealess design, the coach’s whistle is a powerful and attention-grabbing tool on the field. Its sharp and clear sound cuts through the ambient noise, allowing the coach to signal important instructions, stoppage of play, or changes in tactics. The coach’s whistle is not merely a signaling device but a symbol of authority and leadership, commanding the players’ attention and instilling discipline on the field. The consistent and recognizable sound of the whistle provides a sense of structure to the game, enabling the coach to communicate efficiently and make real-time adjustments, fostering a cohesive and well-coordinated team performance. 

How To Draw A Hockey Coach
Drawing the whistle

Finally, integrate a whistle shape hanging prominently from the coach’s neck to cement the leadership role. Construct the whistle anatomy using a circle, curved line, and side ring. Let it dangle visibly to inspire and direct young players on the field below!

  • Circle, curved line, and ring shape whistle
  • Prominently hangs dangling from the neck
  • Visible leadership symbol inspiring players

Step 8: Congratulations! Your hockey coach Is Ready.

Congratulations, You’ve completed your illustration of a dynamic hockey coach. Take a moment to admire your creation—it’s a testament to your creativity and dedication. Now, if you’d like, you can take your drawing to the next level with some additional steps.

How To Draw A Hockey Coach
The drawing of the hockey coach is complete.

Taking the Drawing to the Next Level

We are done sketching; what’s left is coloring and adding a background to take our drawing to the next level.

Adding a Background

Consider embedding your illustrated field hockey coach within an environmental background that provides helpful context. Sketch the green grass of a stadium pitch using short textured blades and white chalk field mark lines. Populate the scene with athletes in action to imply an ongoing game the coach oversees – draw dynamic figures playing ball to build an implied storyboard. Consider featuring additional contextual sideline elements like team benches, practice cones, equipment bags, or cheering crowds to flesh out the compositional narrative further. Erase non-essential markings around the central coach to spotlight them as the anchor amidst the game-action atmosphere.

Adding Color

Thoughtful color choices can dramatically enhance mood contrast and infuse total vibrancy within a finished field hockey artwork. Consider common material expectations when applying hues – the metallic clipboards and silver whistle, smoothly polished wooden stick, and vibrant polyester athletic gear in team identifications. Adapt colorations for the active players using jerseys, socks, and kilts in your school’s recognizable color theme as an implied directed squad. Within more comprehensive environmental settings, shade the green grass appropriately to season, integrating red clay dirt patches and standard white sideline field chalk hash marks. Aim for logical realism while allowing creative embellishment through subjective personalized palettes if desired. Incorporate small, strategically placed accent hues around focal points to amplify overall cohesion and artistic dynamism!

How To Draw A Hockey Coach
Coloring the hockey coach

Bonus Tips

When creatively illustrating field hockey, coaches also remember additional tips like Structuring accurate anatomy and proportions early for posing foundation; Using varied loose gestural marks to imply motion and energy; Integrating relevant equipment like sticks, pads, and balls to identify the sport; Observing various dynamic photo references for inspirational posture ideas; Applying judicious textures and patterns on fabrics to showcase craft; Composing thoughtfully to direct the eye across the artwork clearly; Repetitively practicing fundamental techniques for advancement; Incorporating unique foreshortening perspectives for heightened drama; Playfully experimenting with innovative conceptual interpretations; Most vitally, remembering drawing firstmost should sustain joy and fulfillment through the process beyond product goals!


We have cooperatively outlined cumulative fundamental sketching methods for initially rendering a field hockey coach portrait. Considerate compositional foundations provide structure for increasingly personalized complex visions to flourish freely. Sport familiarity blended with improvisational imagination catalyzes empathic meanings to resonate alone beyond initial project boundaries. May these suggestions inspire ongoing exploratory sketching adventures, constantly unfolding anew through each successive day’s gifts discovered!

How to draw a hockey coach

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