how to draw a golf hole and flag

How to Draw a Golf Hole and Flag | In 5 Easy Steps 

In this tutorial, we will guide you through drawing a golf hole and flag, and provide you with essential tips on how to improve your sketch in 5 easy-to-do steps.

A golf hole is a designated area on a golf course where the objective is to hit the ball into it using the fewest number of strokes possible. The flag, also known as the pin, marks the location of the hole and helps players see where they need to aim their shots.

Golf holes and flags are found on every golf course, usually spread out over 9 or 18 holes that make up a full round of golf.

StepsComplexity Level
The Hole2
The Flag2
The Field Piece1
Design Overview

What You Will Need 

  • A4 sheet of paper
  • Pencils (2b, 3b or 5b)
  • An eraser
  • A ruler (optional)
  • Color Supplies
  • 10-15 Minutes

How to draw a Golf Hole and Flag

This tutorial will effectively teach you how to draw a realistic golf hole and flag; starting from the hole, then the flag, before completing the sketching process by adding the field. Make sure you have all of the required drawing tools ready and that you study the outline below to gain a clear sense of each step before you begin.

Outline of all the steps

Step 1: Draw the hole

First, flip your drawing paper in a preferred orientation, either landscape or portrait to fit your desired result. Then, draw a small oval and add a curved line within the upper side of the oval to resemble the hole.

  • Flip your drawing paper in a preferred orientation
  • Draw a flat oval shape to represent the top view of the hole
  • Draw a curved line inside the oval to create the effect of depth
Draw the hole

Step 2: Draw the flag

Start by drawing the flagpole. You might need to grab your ruler for this part. Draw a thin vertical rectangle on the left side of the hole to resemble the flagpole.

Next, draw a small horizontal rectangle attached to the right upper-side of the rectangle. You are welcome to draw a wavy horizontal rectangle instead to depict wind blowing your flag about.

  • Draw a thin vertical rectangle on the left side of the hole for the flagpole
  • Draw a small horizontal rectangle attached to the right upper side of the shape
  • Experiment with the shape of the flag to make it appear as realistic as you can
Draw the flag

Step 3: Draw the field

Draw a large oval surrounding the hole to resemble the outline of the field. Carefully avoid drawing over the rectangle that represents the flagpole to ensure your drawing is neat and precise.

  • Draw a large oval surrounding the hole for the outline of the field
  • Avoid drawing over the rectangle that represents the flagpole
Draw the field

Congratulations! Your Golf Hole and Flag Drawing is Complete

You should now have a completed black-and-white sketch of a golf hole and flag. Take a minute to evaluate the outcome of your work as you give your drawing hand a rest. If any corrections are needed, use this time to do so before proceeding with the tutorial.

Complete drawing

Taking Your Drawing To The Next Level

At Edits101, we believe that outstanding drawings require perseverance, pushing the envelope, and stepping beyond of one’s comfort zone.

To improve the overall aesthetic appeal, authenticity, and realism of designs, we always advise our students to add color and a background to their drawings.

Step 4: Adding a background

You could consider adding trees and bushes, or other types of vegetation to give the hole a more natural look. Additionally, incorporating bunkers with sand traps can add an element of challenge to the drawing.

Including water features such as ponds or streams can also enhance the aesthetics of the drawing and provide further obstacles for players.

You may also want to think about including other golfing equipment, like a tee, a golf cart, or a club somewhere in the surrounding to add realism.

Step 5: adding color

Now that your drawing is done, it’s time to add some color. You can start by coloring in the field with green to resemble grass.

Then, use a dark shade of color for the flagpole to make it as realistic as possible, and color the flag in with something bright and eye-catching to depict the signaling nature of the golfing equipment.

We’ve gone ahead and picked yellow for our flag, however, you’re more than welcome to choose between red, blue, yellow and white, as these are flag colors often found on golf courses.

Golf hole and flag with color

Bonus Tips

Try drawing a little golf ball near the hole to boost your drawing’s authenticity.

Add a texture to your field by making tiny dots or short lines to show the grass.

Apply shading to the side of the flag or on certain parts of the field to create shadows.

Interact with budding artists on YouTube and visual learning platforms to share your experience and gain some extra insight on how to draw a golf hole and flag.


From reading through the functionality of a golf hole and flag to drawing a series of different shapes as you created the hole, the flagpole, flag and field, you completed quite a bit of work and implemented advanced drawing techniques.

While not easy, you managed to finish something you set out to do, which is always commendable. So job well done! Keep pushing yourself and continue to improve as you explore different drawing tutorials. From Edits to you, we’ll see you next time!

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This tutorial is for kid, teens and young adults interested in learning how to draw a golf hole and flag, incorporating unique background and coloring tips to improve the nature of the design in 5 easy steps.

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