how to draw a golf club driver

How to Draw a Golf Club Driver | in 5 Easy Steps

Welcome back to yet another informative, easy and engaging tutorial! In today’s lesson, we’re going to be covering all you need to know in order to draw a golf club driver in 5 steps.

If you’re wondering how a driver differs from a standard golf club, well, it primarily boils down to the functionality and design.

Golf club drivers are specifically designed for long-distance shots off the tee. It has a larger head than standard clubs, typically around 460cc, which allows for greater forgiveness and distance on shots.

The driver also has a longer shaft compared to other clubs, enabling more power in the swing and generating higher ball speeds.

This step-by-step guide will reveal each major component of the driver, helping you assemble a drawing that looks just like the real thing.

StepsComplexity Level
The Grip2
The Shaft1
The Head2
Design Overview

What You Will Need 

  • A4 sheet of paper
  • Pencils (2b, 3b or 5b)
  • An eraser
  • A ruler (optional)
  • Colored markers or pencils
  • 10-15 Minutes 

How to draw a Golf Club Driver

Make sure you have all of the required drawing materials handy, and that you study the outline provided below to envision each step before you begin. Additionally, take breaks after each step to assess your progress with the drawing and ensure you’re on the right track.

Outline of all the steps

Step 1: Draw the grip

First, angle your drawing paper in a preferred orientation to fit the result you’re after. A portrait orientation will ensure a bigger golf club drawing, while a landscape orientation will provide you more room to add other things around your golf club.

Start by drawing the grip on the right side your page. Draw a thin diagonal rectangle that narrows down in width along the bottom. Add a few lines inside the shape for detail and you should be set.

  • Angle your drawing paper in a preferred orientation
  • Draw a thin diagonal rectangle on the right side of your page
  • Add a few lines inside the shape for added detail
Draw the grip

Step 2: Draw the shaft

Next up is the shaft, the long part of the club that connects the grip to the head. Draw a long diagonal rectangle directly beneath the grip, ensuring the shape is noticeably thinner than the width of the grip.

Follow the image below for an estimate of the length you should be aiming for. Once you reach the bottom, add a small diagonal rectangle that’s wider than the shaft for the ferrule.

  • Draw a long diagonal rectangle beneath the grip
  • Ensure the shape is thinner than the width of the grip
  • Add a small diagonal rectangle at the end of the shaft
Draw the shaft

Step 3: draw the head

To add the head, draw a small oval beneath the end of the shaft. Ensure the left side of the oval is round while the right side is a bit more flat. Draw a smaller oval on the left side of the head’s outline for the face of the club. Polish off the piece by adding two swoops of your pencil within the face for added detail.

  • Draw an oval for the central part of the head at the bottom of the shaft
  • Inside the large oval, add a smaller oval for the impact area known as the face
  • Draw two swoops inside the face of the club for added detail
Draw the head

Congratulations! Your Golf Club Driver Drawing is Complete

Take a step back and assess the outcome of your drawing. If you are happy with the results, be sure to continue on with the rest of the tutorial. However, if there are any mistakes you would like to rectify, you are welcome to use the image below as a guide to perfecting your golf club driver.

Complete drawing

Taking your drawing to the next level

Adding a background and color to any sketch can instantly improve the quality of the design, whether it’s a simple object or an intricate drawing. At Edits101, we regularly encourage our students to push themselves beyond what is required and exceed even their own expectations.

Step 4: Adding a background

There are an array of background ideas to choose from for a golf club driver drawing. First, it’s important to determine the time, place, setting and action of your sketch.

For a realistic approach, consider drawing a golf course in the background with a flag and hole to clearly indicate your club is related to the sport of golf. You can add a golf cart in the surrounding, carrying a golf bag with a few clubs peaking out the top.

If you want to incorporate action in your sketch, consider drawing a golfer actively teeing off on a course, holding the club as they aim at a golf ball.

These are only a few ideas, and you are encouraged to explore your imagination as you find what background works for you.

step 5: adding color

Set down your drawing pencils and grab your coloring tools. You are welcome to pick your favorite color for the grip of the club, though stick to the standard golf club colors if you want to make your drawing appear as realistic as possible.

Add black or any dark shade to the upper and bottom parts of the grip. Then, use a silver or gray color for the shaft. Color the ferulle with black to distinguish the shape, and then add a series of gray tones for the head of the club.

Golf club driver with color

Bonus Tips

Try different pencil pressures to get different shades around certain parts of the club.

Watch YouTube videos explaining the techniques and perspectives used when drawing golf club drivers.

To keep your drawing neat, place a piece of scrap paper below your hand to prevent smearing the colors while you work.

Share your drawing with others on visual learning platforms or your favorite social media app.

Add your name to the page to personalize your work.


From the tight grip to the straight shaft and sturdy driver head, you have combined a series of shapes and lines to create a realistic drawing of a golf club driver. You have also included background elements and color to enhance the overall appeal of your drawing.

Taking a blank page and transforming it into something new is always a commendable feat, so job well done! We hope that you continue to hone your skills as you explore other drawing tutorials. See you next time!

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This tutorial is for kids, teens and young adults interested in learning how to draw a realistic golf club driver, offering them insights on how to incorporate a background and color in their sketch in 5 easy steps.

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