how to draw a golf club bag

How to Draw a Golf Club Bag | in 6 Simple Steps

This engaging tutorial will not only teach you how to draw a golf club bag, but how to improve the quality of your design with background elements and color in as little as six easy steps. Are you ready to get started?

Golf club bags are quite literally what they say they are; bags used to carry golf clubs. These bags are often small and long to accommodate the size of golf clubs.

They also usually feature straps on them so that golfers may sling them over their shoulders or the back of their golf carts as they traverse golf courses.

By following this guide, you will learn how to accurately transport all of these features from your screen onto your drawing paper in less than half an hour.

What You Will Need 

  • A4 sheet of paper
  • Pencils (HB, 2h and 3b)
  • An eraser
  • A ruler
  • Coloring kit
  • 20-25 Minutes
Complete process

How to Draw a Golf Club Bag

Drawing a golf club bag is actually pretty easy plus it’s a whole lot of fun. By utilizing common drawing materials like paper and standard pencils, you can create this unusual drawing with little to zero stress!

Make sure you study the outline below before you begin drawing to get yourself up to speed with each step, and that you have all the required tools on standby. Once you’re ready, dive right in!

Outline of all the steps

Step 1: Outline the bag

Launch your drawing by flipping your paper in a preferred orientation. You can benefit from both a portrait and landscape orientation for a golf club bag, so whichever orientation you do decide to use will surely do great.

Draw a semi-thin vertical rectangle somewhere around the middle of your paper for the outline of the bag. Erase the top and bottom part, and replace the bottom-right side with a slight wavy line for some extra detail.

Next, add a little groove on the middle of the bottom part for a realistic touch. Once you’re finished, replace the top line with a diagonal line, and you’re good to go.

  • Draw a slightly curved rectangle for the body of the bag
  • Widen the top part and flatten it out for the clubs to show
  • Picture the bag as a standing loaf of bread for the right shape
The bag outline

Step 2: Draw the front pocket

A golf club bag would be incomplete without a few added details on the exterior, so be sure to include this step on your drawing.

This step is relatively easy. All you need to do is draw another diagonal line beneath the top line of the bag, and two indented lines across the bottom to start.

Ensure the bottom lines are parallel to one another, like the ones in the image below. Finally, add a small circle between the two lines, and you’re all set.

  • Draw a diagonal line below the top line of the bag
  • Add two curved parallel lines across the bottom of the bag
  • Draw a small circle between the two parallel lines
Draw the Front Pocket

Step 3: Draw the belt

Just like the front pocket, a golf club bag drawing needs a belt to give it the perfect touch of realism. After all, caddies are known to sling the bags of golf players over their shoulders.

To complete this step, draw two wavy lines on the left side to create a looping strap. Add a little rectangle across the upper center of the bag’s outline and also include a few extra lines on the left side to make the belt match the image below.

  • Draw two wavy lines on the left side of the bag for belt
  • Draw a small horizontal rectangle across the upper center of the bag
  • Add more lines and shapes along the side for the belt clips and buckles
Draw the belt

Step 4: Draw the golf Clubs

To solidy the fact that your drawing is not just any bag, but a golf club bag, it’s time to draw a few clubs peeking out the top.

Start by drawing two thin rectangles reasonably spaced apart on top of the bag. Then, add two wider rectangles above the ones you just drew, and make sure they curve into wide horizontal rectangles pointed to the right.

Follow the image below as a guide, and for some extra tips, be sure to check out this tutorial for a more detailed explanation.

  • Draw two thin vertical rectangles on top of the bag
  • Add two wider rectangles above the ones you just drew
  • Curve the top of each club to the right with a wide horizontal rectangle
Draw the golf clubs

Congratulations! Your Golf Club Bag Drawing is Complete

If you’ve followed along and completed all of the steps in one go, great job! Before you set your drawing aside though, take a little moment to analyze the outcome of your golf club bag sketch. 

Use the image we provide below to assess whether or not your drawing looks the way you want it to. Then, once you’re ready, check out the rest of the steps. You surely don’t wanna miss out on those 😉

Complete Golf Club Drawing

Taking your drawing to the next level

Right now, you’ve hopefully got a great black-and-white golf club bag drawing. While that’s okay, we should always strive for a little bit more, wouldn’t you agree? So let’s kick things up a notch by incorporating a background and adding some color.

Step 5: Adding a background

There are quite a few background ideas to choose from for a golf club bag sketch. First, determine the scene you want to depict with your drawing. Is it a sunny day outside? Is it an active or still landscape?

Once you have those things decided, incorporate some realistic background elements to tie the pieces of the drawing together. You could place your bag on a golf cart, that’s currently parked on a golf course.

You could also add a few tees peeking out the top of the bag or on the front pocket for a little extra detail. We’ll leave you to decide which one best works for your drawing.

step 6: adding Color

Set aside your sketching pencils and grab your coloring kit. Since golf club bags usually come in a variety of colors, you are more than welcome to select your favorite colors for this step.

We’ve selected a series of brown shades for our bag for a minimilistic touch. If you like the way this design looks, feel free to do the same for yours.

Just to be sure to color different elements of the bag with different shades to highlight each part, like we have done, and you should see some wonderful results once you’re done.

Golf Club Bag with Color

Bonus Tips

Apply some shading techniques like hatching or blending on certain parts of the bag and the sides to make it three-dimensional and more gritty.

Draw a small badge or emblem on the pocket to make it your special brand.

Use a white pencil or paint to add highlights where the light would shine on the bag and clubs.

Add your name and the date somewhere on your page to create a timestamp.

Connect with other budding artists on YouTube and visual learning platforms to share your experience or gain some extra tips.


In this tutorial, you started by outlining the golf bag, then added some crucial details like the front pocket, belt and some clubs. To take things a step further, you even added a background and colored in your sketch.

Creating something from scratch is never easy, and is always a commendable feat, so job well done! Let this be one of many drawings added to your collection. The team here at Edits101 hope to see you gain more skills as you explore other drawing tutorials, so keep on pushing!


Thanks for reading & feel free to check out more of our articles!

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This engaging tutorial will not only teach you how to draw a golf club bag, but how to improve the quality of your design with background elements and color in as little as six easy steps.

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